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Open Context is maintained and administered by the Alexandria Archive Institute, a not-for-profit organization. Our team includes information scientists, field researchers, librarians, and other academic professionals with domain expertise who work together to:

  • Edit, review, and publish open access digital content, in collaboration with data authors;
  • Optionally, organize peer-review of data;
  • Preserve data with the California Digital Library.

Editors in Chief

Sarah Whitcher Kansa, RPA

I am Director of the Alexandria Archive Institute, the non-profit organization that supports Open Context. I have a Ph.D. in archaeology and have spent 20+ years conducting zooarchaeological research in the Old World. I am Vice-President of the International Council for Archaeozoology, and participate in the Publications Committees of the Society for American Archaeology and the American Schools of Oriental Research.

For Open Context, I provide overall project management for publications, work on data editing and review, manage collaborations with other publishers, and organize peer-review. I also tweet for Open Context @opencontext.

Contact me by email with questions about data publishing.

Eric Kansa

I'm the Program Director for Open Context. I have a Ph.D. in Anthropology, and archeological field experience in the Near East, Egypt, Italy and North America. My research interests explore research data informatics, research data policy, ethics, and professional context of the digital humanities.

I run research and development for Open Context and manage the technical aspects of data publishing and archiving, including systems interoperability, data integration, and indexing. I blog at Heritage Bytes, and am on Twitter @ekansa. (Contact me!)

Editorial Board

Software and Design Team

Open Context Alumni

  • Francis Deblauwe, Assistant Editor
  • Jeremy Whitaker, Technology Consultant, New Product Development
  • Sarah van Wart, Schema Mapping Developer, I-School MIMS student
  • Mohit Gupta, Omeka plugin Developer, I-School MIMS student
  • Noah Kersey, User-Experience, widgets Developer, I-School MIMS student
  • Gopal Vaswani, Web-services, database Developer, I-School MIMS student
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