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Relatively little metal was recovered from CA 83 in 2013 and most of the metal found were flakes or droplets of bronze. The remainder of the finds includes a mix of iron and bronze artifacts.

In Loci 1 and 5 , which were topsoil, nearly all metal finds recovered are modern and likely result from continuous use of the dirt road that transects the site and is located along the southern boundaries of the trench; three iron nails, three iron fragments, and two iron tacks were found in these loci, all of which are modern in appearance, having circular sections, and were found in association with medieval and modern pottery.

Loci 2 and 6 yielded many more metal finds, all of which appear to be ancient; in total, 31 of the 78 metal finds, or 39.74% of all metals found in CA 83 in 2013, came from these two loci. In addition to bronze flakes and droplets, a bronze fibula coil ( 20130065

) was found in Locus 2, while a projecting element of a bronze dragon fibula was found in Locus 6 ( 20130176 ), as well as a layered bronze sheet fragment. Additionally, a possible bronze fibula catch plate ( 20130213 20130213 ) was recovered from the baulk wall in what would have been Locus 6.

Very little metals were found in Loci 3 and 8 , two equivalent loci located to the north of the east-west running, curvilinear rock feature of Locus 7 ; only four metal artifacts were recovered from both these loci, or 5.13% of all metal finds. Notably though, one of the metal finds to come from Locus 8 is a bronze jewelry element, possible a double-arc fibula ( 20130230

20130230 ), which has two projecting and curving bronze bars that are joined by a cross-bar with the remains of a bronze wire attached. Interestingly, although very little metal was recovered from either of these two loci, high quantities of slag were found in both loci.

Loci 4 and 9 , two equivalent loci located to the south of the Locus 7 rock feature, by far were densest in metal finds in CA 83; 29 metal finds, or 37.18% of all metal finds, came from this relatively small area. Furthermore, notable finds were recovered from both loci; in addition to bronze flake and rivulet fragments, a cut bronze triangle was found in Locus 4 ( 20130114

) while a bronze sheet fragment with bronze and iron rivets ( 20130249 20130249 ) was found in Locus 9. Interestingly, much less iron slag was found in either of these two loci than in Loci 3 and 8, located to the north of the Locus 7 stone feature.

No metal finds were recovered from Locus 7 , as this feature was not excavated.

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