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Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Trowelling continued in CD 12 D, with the addition of a baulk hammer to speed the process.  A test trench, CD 12 F, was opened to the south and will be recorded after today's entry for CD 12 D (see page ).

Trowelling uncovered the top of an iron tack ( Find # 1 ).

Shortly before morning break, we began alternating trowelling with 3-5 cm deep pick passes.  The hard packed soil and rock surface persisted through at least 4 or 5 pick passes.  The rocks began to increase in both size and frequency within the trench.  The surface was swept and baulks were trimmed.  Another iron tack was found ( Find # 2 ).

What had appeared to be large rocks began to resemble bed rock.  It was a large, immovable rock surface.  Sweeping began.


Sweeping continued to reveal rock throughout the trench.  A fragment of bronze shaped like an incomplete ring was found ( Find #3 ).



An unusual piece of terra cotta was found in a bucket ( Find # 4 ).

The surface was swept and declared Locus 3 - Bedrock.  The south end of the trench appears to have one area in which this surface was not reached.

Photographs and elevations were taken.  Elevations were:

NE 211 E/ 13.5 S   125 cm BD  27,95m ae

NW 210 E/ 13.5 S  128.5 cm BD  27.915m ae

SW 210 E/ 15.5 S  136 cm BD  27.84m ae

SE 211 E/ 15.5 S  131 cm BD  27.89m ae

Center 210.5 E/ 14.5 S  130.5 cm BD  27.895m ae

Locus 2 yielded 1 bowl of terra cotta and 20 sherds of pottery today -- including 4 rims and 1 base.

CD 12 F - Excavated by Jason Bauer


In order to test the validity of the rock packing (contemplated road) discovered in the CD 12 area, it was decided that a test trench should be dug in the woods to the south of the speculated path

(CD12 C, CD12 D, CD 12 E).  The object of this trench is to determine whether the rock pack extends over the area of the hill, or whether it is in fact most likely a concentrated area.  The trench will be designated CD 12 F and will be located at meters 213-215 E, 18.5-20.5 S.  Brush was cleared and stakes were placed at the corners of the trench.

Elevations were:

NW   213 E/ 18.5 S   27.93m ae

NE   215 E/ 18.5 S   27.93m ae

SW   213 E/ 20.5 S   27.82m ae

SE   215 E/ 20.5 S   27.74m ae

The datum for CD 12 C-E was used (29.2m ae).

Photographs were taken.  Picked through Locus 1 . Locus 2 was the rock pack layer.  The soil is topsoil with rock insclusions.  We trowelled down to the new locus.  It was decided that

these rocks are part of the same as the rock pack feature (road feature).  It now appears that these rocks perhaps do not form a road but instead possibly some courtyard or other feature.  The trench was swept down to Locus 2 .

An iron horshoe fragment was found ( Find #1 ).

A small iron fragment was found ( Find # 2 ).

The trench was swept and baulks were trimmed.  Photos and elevations were taken:

NW   213 E/18.5 S   27.89m ae

NE   215 E/ 18.5 S   27.85m ae

SW   213 E/ 20.5 S   27.77m ae

SE   215 E/ 20.5 S   27.71m ae

CD 12 F was closed having yielded 1 bowl of terra cotta and 12 sherds of pottery -- including 3 rims.

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