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AM 1/7/13

Work began by picking the center meter going from the north to south. The soil remainds consistent, organic rich humus layer. Small amounts of pottery and terracotta are found. A second pick pass was done of the central meter pulling south from the north, concentrating on the easternmost stump. Rocks continue to be uncovered but in much lesser concentrations than before. A piece of slag (special find #1) was found in the souther half of the central meter. Picking continued in the western most meter. This meter was picked a second time, concentrating on the westernmost stump. Material is being uncovered but not in significant amounts. A significantly sized piece of worked antler was uncovered in the south western section below the western stump (special find #2). The pick was used in the eastern third meter. The assumed bedrock in the south eastern corner continues to be uncovered although its fragmentary nature prevents its full extent from being determined. This area is still densly packed with roots and other organics. The soil is also becoming increasingly clayline while

maintaing color and material density. While sorting the pick pass a worked fragment of burnt bine (special find #3) was found near the bedrock in the south. Along the northern baulk a fragment of bronze, apparently twisted of folded into itself, was found (special find #4). The loose soil was removied from the trench and roots clipped.

AM Special Finds

  1. Slag

Locus 1

27.22 AE

35.81 S, 67.67 E



  1. Worked Antler

Locus 1

27.21 AE

35.68S, 66.85 E



  1. Burnt Bone

Locus 1

27.29 AE

35.21 S, 68.57 E



  1. Bronze

Locus 1

27.27 AE

34.24S, 68.47 E


Picking continued in the eastern third meter. A second piece of slag with associated pieces (secial find #6) was discovered in the souther half. The remaning two meters in the west were picked. The rocks associated wit the bedrock in the south east now appear to be separate rocks. Alorge square rock roughly 35 cm in width and 40 cm in length is being revealed at about 67.80 E, 35.60 S. While clearing in the northwest corner a possible finial head was uncovered (special find # 8). Along with a fragment of vitrified terracotta (special find #7). The loose soil was removed and roots clipped. Another roughly square rock, 25 cm x 25 cm and placed at 34. 50 S, 68 E was uncovered. The baulk walls were cleaned.

Closing Elevations:

NW 27.30 AE

NE 27.28 AE

SE 27.14 AE

SW 27.17 AE

PM Special Finds

6. Slag

Locus 1

27.16 AE

35.62 S, 67. 95E



7. Vitrified Terracotta

Locus 1

27.17 AE

34.50S, 68E

8. Finial

locus 1

27.27 AE

34.46E, 66.50S

Daily Totals:

Terracotta- 1 bowl

Bone- 14 pc.

Pottery- 46 pc.

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