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Friday, June 22, 2012


Datum point established in a nearby tree at the absolute elevation of 27.24m A.E.  Trench drawn. Opening photographs and opening elevations taken and Locus 1 declared open.

Opening Elevations:

NW Corner: 26.29m A.E.

NE Corner: 26.45m A.E.

SE Corner: 25.85m A.E.

SW Corner (on stump): 25.92m A.E.

SW Corner (inside): 25.90m A.E.

First pick pass begun in the northern most meter of the trench, about 10 cm deep. Locus 1 is a humus layer filled with organic material including roots and leaf bits in a very dark brown claylike soil. Soil sorted and cleaned from the trench into buckets. Buckets dumped into the wheel barrow and wheeled to a dirt dump in an old path about 15 meters southeast. Second pick pass done in the second meter from the north, 5-10cm deep. Soil consistent with Locus 1 , but also some lighter soil appearing sporadically beneath. Soil sorted and cleaned from the trench. Many roots

but no artifacts. Roots clipped over the picked two by four meter area. Pick pass done in the third meter by four meter area from the north. Soil consistent with Locus 1 soil. Soil sorted and cleaned from the trench. Soil somewhat claylike in patches, but mostly dry and easily crumbled. Pick pass done in the last one by four meter area farthest to the south. Soil consistent with Locus 1 , sorted and cleaned from the trench. Roots remain prevalent, no artifacts yet recovered. Soil more claylike in the south. One modern tack recovered and made a special find in order to establish context.

Special Find 1: Modern Iron Tack

Locus 1

25.91m A.E.


Several pieces of terra cotta recovered in the southern most meter during cleaning. Leveling done at various places around the trench and especially around tree roots. Soil consistent with Locus 1 soil, cleaned from trench.


Pick pass done in the northern meter by four meter area. Soil consistent with Locus 1 being sorted and cleaned, but revealing new yellower soil beneath which is sandier and more loosely packed. No artifacts recovered. Pick pass done in the middle two meter by four meter strip from the north wall. Soil consistent with Locus 1 , and again revealing lighter brown-yellowish soil which is sandier and less tightly packed. Soil sorted and cleaned from the trench. One piece of terra cotta found. Pick pass done in the last southern most meter by four meters of the trench. Soil consistent with Locus 1 , sorted and cleaned from the trench. Little of the lighter brown-yellowish soil being found in the south. Locus 1 soil in the southern meter is wetter than in the northern three meters. One piece of pottery removed from the southern meter. A large rock approximately forty by twenty centimeters is emerging in the southern meter and being excavated around. It is somewhat entangled in a large root. The raised soil between

CB 52 and CB 53 to its immediate west removed, sorted, and cleaned from the trenches. Roots clipped and elevations taken.

End of Day Elevations:

NW Corner: 26.24m A.E.

NE Corner: 26.42m A.E.

SE Corner: 25.79m A.E.

SW Corner: 25.78m A.E.

Daily Totals:

Locus 1 :

Terra cotta: 4 pieces

Pottery: 1 piece

Bone: 0 pieces

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