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Daily Log 19/7/16



Locus 2 will be opened across the whole of the trench. Locus 2 is a gray clay soil included with blue and lighter gray soil and a scattering of stones ranging 10-30 cm in length. Opening elevations, photos and a sketch was done.

Opening Elevations Locus 2

NW- 304.77 mASL

NE- 304.74 mASL

SE- 304.77 mASL

SW- 304.71 mASL

Using trowels and hand picks a 5 cm cut was done, lowering the floor of the trench. The stones were defined. While troweling a piece of medieval pottery was found (SF #1).

Special Find #1

Medieval Pottery

Locus 2

19.86 W, 4.54 S

304.70 mASL

Tile and some pottery was found. Modern material is still being found, such as glass and styrofoam, along with ancient tile. The soil continues to be a gravely clay-like soil. No more stones were uncovered. A pick was used to loosen the soil in between the stones. Little tile has been recovered from in between the stones. Some of these stones were defined and appear to be floating on columns of soil while others seem to be on top of stones.


A pick pass was completed in the north half of the trench, lightly picking the areas between the stones. The soil was sorted into buckets and the areas around the stones were defined with trowels and hand picks. The soil in the middle meters of the trench is changing to a denser clay-like soil with pockets of yellow and white crumbly material. Greater amounts of tile, including

some larger pieces were recovered in the northernmost area of the trench. While sorting, a piece of medieval pottery was found (SF #2).

Special Find #2

Medieval Pottery

Locus 2

19.11 W, 5.93 S

304.57 mASL

A light pick pass was completed in the southern half of the trench, avoiding the areas with large stones. The soil was sorted into buckets. A few pieces of tile and pottery were recovered but in all, there was very little material in this half of the trench. There is still modern material in this locus, specifically, a few pieces of styrofoam were recovered during the pick pass. The same yellow clay soil with white and gray crumbly inclusions that was found in the middle meters of the trench during the previous pick pass was also found throughout the southern half of the trench in this one. Following this pick pass the decision was made to remove 5 of the large stones in the

southern half of the trench since they were clearly resting on columns of soil. The soil in these columns, a darker brown mixed soil, was then leveled with a pick axe and sorted into buckets. In the last half hour of the work day, parts of the southern half of the trench was leveled with hand picks and trowels. In doing this, the soil of locus 2 often came up in sheets, exposing the yellow clay with white and gray inclusions beneath it.

Bulk Finds

Tile- 1 bowl

Pottery- 16 pieces

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