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Daily Log July 25, 2011

25 July 2011

Daily log


The trench was scraped in preparation for photos of locus 6 , level 3. Photos and elevations were taken.

NE: 29.89 meters absolute elevation

SE: 29.92 meters absolute elevation

SW: 29.93 meters absolute elevation

NW: 29.93 meters absolute elevation

Center: 29.97 meters absolute elevation

Now, level 3 of the rock feature is being excavated down. A moderate to large amount of terracotta was excavated in the last pick pass through level 3, and a small amount of pottery. But, it appears that the soil in the north western m eter of the trench is considerably lighter brown in color and harder in texture than the soil in the north eastern meter of the trench.

The soil in the north eastern meter is darker brown and slightly clay lke. Because of this, excavation will continue in the north east until a soil change occurs or the rock feature is fully excavated in the north east. The trench was scraped and photos were taken. The elevations for locus 6 level 4 are:

NE: 29.86 meters absolute elevation

SE: 29.89 meters absolute elevation

SW: 29.93 meters absolute elevation

NW: 29.90 meters absolute elevation

Center: 29.85 meters absolute elevation

Elevations were taken at the extent of the dark soil. The amount and size of terracotta and rock unearthed is consistent with previous layers, rock is approximately 5-15 centimeters in size and terracotta varies from large architectural pieces to smaller mangled pieces. There is still a very small amount of pottery, and the majority of it is coarsewear.


The strategy for excavation has changed since the morning, and it has been decided that the rock feature will be excavated in it's entity, and the differing soil color will be taken note of until further changes.

After further consultation with dig director Tony Tuck, excavation of the rock feature will momentarily be suspended

In order to find the extent of the feature across the entire area of CB 45, 46, 47, and 49. To do this, locus 7 will be opened. Locus 7 is a 2 meter extension off of the northern wall. CB 46 will be extended one meter off of it's northern wall and southern wall, CB 47 will be extended 1 meter from it's northern wall, and CB 49 will be extended 1 meter east.

While clearing the trench floor, a piece of bone was excavated. This is the first piece of bone excavated from CB 45. A piece of vitrified terracotta was also excavated while sorting soil (find 1):

special find 1: vitrified terracotta

Locus 6 rock feature

29.90 meters absolute elevation

9.66 meters west / 29.67 meters south

After clearing branches and taking photos, locus 7 north extension was opened with the following coordinates:

NE: 30.11 meters absolute elevation

SE: 30.16 meters absolute elevation

SW: 30.26 meters absolute elevation

NW: 30.25 meters absolute elevation

Center: 30.19 meters absolute elevation

Trench diagram

After one pick pass through locus 7 , a soil change is already apparent. The soil is increasingly light brown/yellow in hue.

Daily total

Locus 6 : Pottery: 1 box

Terracotta: 2 bowls

Bone: 1 piece

Locus 7 : Pottery: 3 pieces

Terracotta: 1/8 bowls

Bone: 0

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