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May 28, 1990


tile - 3/4 cassetta

pottery - 1/3 latte

pithos - 1/4 cassetta

K-L(M)/69-70, (AM) photos of tile after yesterday. (PM) Mesti work. Further mesti work this AM. Remove material on surface in L(M) and merited. In K/69 at 126 cm bd a potential Greek ware fragment. In M/69 122 cm bd a bucch. base Pithos and tile appear mostly in L(M)/69 and NW corner of K/69. Photos 12:00 noon.

tile - 1/4 cassetta

pottery - 1 1/4 latte

K-L/63-64, 85-100 cm bd (95 in K)

While darker soil was noticed at this depth in M-N/63, this is not true here to as great a degree. Soil darkens slighly and does have inclusions of worn tile and pottery. Very rare charcoal frags were found. Occasionally, burnt pottery was found. In L/63 at 97 cm bd a fragmentary grey (?)  ware with incision was recovered. As usual, K/63-64 produced more tile and notably the only stone concentrations. Again, no marked difference in soil is noted with this material so a pit cannot be defined. In K/64-63 border a portion of animal jaw with teeth/fang/tusk were found. This was not associated with burn nor was there burn on the bone. Pottery recovery rate quickened noticeably.


K-L(M)/69-70, Mesti work after noon photos. Lyer on surface removed. Work reveals in L/69 a line of plaster (photos). --- Work discontinued due to rain. Tirle and pottery recorded a morning entry.

tile - 1/3 cassetta

pottery - 3/4 latte

L/63-64, Another cut started with picks. Soil change is now complete across L/63-64. Into soil typical of this stratum - dark brown with heavy concentrations of inclusions including pottery, charcoal, tile in small and sometimes (infrquently) larger (5-10 cm), lots of decomposed plasterd and occasional recovery of very yopung burny material.

Mid-season summary:

As there is going to be a switch in trench masters, a brief summary of observations and thoughts, particularly about stratigraphy seems in order.

K-L(M)/69-70, As expected, meter 69, at roughly 100 - 130 cm bd, produced a spread of tile and pithos. This material lines up with that of the preivious season and provides further evidence for wither destination material from the south eadt vbuildup or a purposeful feature from the time of the upper building.

K-L(M)/66-68, A rock pack of varying density was defined here at approx 60 cm bd to 70 cm bd. This material will need to have final photos and sections drawn.

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