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Daily Log Entry for Monday, 9 July 2007



A pick pass was made in the western section of T-45 to ascertain the amount of pottery & other artifacts in that area.  On Friday we found significantly less pottery & bone in the western section, so we picked here first to see if that trend continued.  The soil was still medium brown & hard packed.  It contained fragments of bone, pottery, plaster, & terracotta.  A fragment of sima cavetto (Find #1) was found in addition to three fragments of a pithos rim that join together and two medium-sized (8-10 cm across) terracotta tile fragments.  A 15-20 cm long fragment of a pan tile w/ a locking device was also extracted.  The nature of these artifacts suggests that we were still working in/on the archaic surface.  We next picked in the northern section of the trench.  The soil there contains large numbers of small to medium sized medium grey rocks (about 10 cm across).  A high concentration of bone was found in the NE corner of the trench.  We also pulled up some (about 5-6 pcs.) medium-sized (10 cm across) pan tile fragments which again suggest that we

are still on the archaic surface.  We next picked in the middle section of the trench and leveled a mound left over from picking in the north section.  A sherd of black slip pottery (Find #2) was found in the dirt bucket from work on the mound in the north.  A pick pass in the south section revealed many finds (Finds 3-9).  The soil in the south is still hard packed but seems lighter in color that the North section or than it was earlier in the excavation.  A large rock was found in the area just to the SE of the center.  Artifacts found include an elaborate handle fragment (Find #3), butchered bone (Find #4), vitrified terracotta (Find #7), & a plaster fragment w/ reed impressions.  (Find #6)  Bone, pottery, plaster, & small (less than 10 cm across) fragments of terracotta were found as well.  Small rocks and a few medium sized rocks (about 10 cm long) were also extracted.  Frieze plaque fragments were found in the area

just to the SW of the center of the trench. These consist of two fragments of what appears to be the horse race (found facing up) and a fragment of cavetto found upside down lying adjacent to them.  (Find #9)



  • FIND #1
  • Sima Cavetto
  • 185.70 E, 47.15 S
  • 27.45 abs. elev.



  • FIND #4
  • Butchered/Worked Bone
  • Locus 3
  • 188.48 E, 46.75 S
  • 27.47 abs elev



Soil seemed to be changing, especially in the southern half of the trench.  Soil in the south was lighter in color than in the north and much less large roofing tile (more than 10-15 cm) fragments were found.  We are definetly though the archaic tile spread layer and are on/in the archaic surface.  The soil in the north is also different in that it contains an unusually heavy concentration of small to medium sized rocks.  We will declare Locus 4 across the trench tomorrow for the layer beneath the Archaic tile spread, so that the opening pictures can be taken in the morning shade.  If the soil changes persist in the south or the west

a seperate locus will be declared for that as well.  In preperation for declaring Locus 4 and taking photos, we trimmed the baulk walls and leveled "mounds" in the floor of the trench.  While we trowelled down the dirt in between T-46 and T-45, a piece of iron slag was found.  (Find #10)  Trimming baulk walls took the rest of the day.




Locus 3:

  • 3  1/2 Bowls Terracotta
  • 2 Latte Boxes Bone
  • 4 Latte Boxes Pottery

Baulk Trim:

  • 1  1/5 Bowls Terracotta
  • 1 Latte Box Pottery
  • 1/4 Latte Box Bone

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