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3 August 2010

3 August 2010


We started the morning off with trimming baulk walls, clipping roots and leveling the floor to prepare for pictures of locus 2 . We found several badly broken fragments of a rocchetto (special find #1) in the trim of the baulk wall.

Special find #1:

We finished baulk walling and cleaning the trench. No other significant material was found. We took elevations and photos to open locus 2 .

Locus 1 :

  • Terra cotta- 1/8 th bowl
  • Pottery (baulks)- 11 sherds
  • Bone- none

Locus 1 closing/ locus 2 opening elevations:

NW- 29.74mAE

NE- 29.6mAE

SE- 29.75mAE

SW- 29.81mAE

Center- 29.84mAE


We opened locus 2 with a pick pass along the western meter. We recovered a piece of unusual

terra cotta (special find # 2).

Special find # 2:

Continued pick pass 2 more meters from west to east. The soil is yellow, flaky and sandy. It is loose and easily sorted. The only thing found was one piece of pottery and approximately ten pieces of terra cotta which came up along the western wall of the trench. The soil appears to be rather sterile. There is sill a lot of roots. We finished the afternoon baulk wall trimming areas that have been dropped down from the pick pass in progress.


Continued moving eastward with a meter pick pass running from north to south. Soil continues to be flake and very yellow, with a few pieces of pottery and terra cotta being extracted from the most northern area of the pass. Additionally, another piece of unusual terra cotta (special find # 3) was found in a bucket removing soil from the center of this pick pass. The coordinates are an estimation as the exact measurements are impossible to obtain.

Special find #3:

  • Locus 2 /bucket find
  • Coordinates 106.82mS/40.20mW
  • Elevation- 29.78mAE
  • Unusual terra cotta
  • Catalogue #- 20100086

The remainder of the trench was completed in a final pick pass, approximately a meter and a half of the most eastern area. Like the previous pick pass, an material found was in the smallest portion of the most northern section of the pick pass, right next to a large tree stump in the

northern baulk wall. Other than a couple of pieces of potter and terra cotta in this area, the

remainder of the pass seems only to contain the yellow flake soil, a soil that has proven to be rather steril as a whole and may be considered pre-galestra. Once this pick pass is done getting sorted, an additional pick pass will be done across the trench to expose all of a galestra/sterile soil. Once again all material found has generally been on the top of the soil turned up by the pick, indicating the presence of more sterile soil underneath. For the remainder of the afternoon a pick pass across the entire trench was begun and then finished, beginning on the western wall and extending east-done in meter increments. In the northeast corner hand picks were used to enhance speed and keep the surface flat After the pass was lifted and sorted, two pieces of terra cotta were found and one piece of pottery, all by the northern roots. The soil is incredibly sterile across the trench, yet since the southeast corner is a bit higher, due to difficulty of picking through the roots, tomorrow will focus on lowering the said area and proving the complete sterility of the whole locus and close the trench.

Locus 2 :

  • Terra cotta and plaster- \xbc bowl
  • Pottery- 23 sherds
  • Bone- none

Special finds- 1 (# 3)

Closing elevations:

NW- 29.62mAE


SE- 29.69mAE


Center- 29.63mAE

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