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July 8, 1997, Tuesday


Closing depths were taken for Locus 14; they are as follows, NW 27 cm b.d., SW=27, NE=26, SE=28, and middle = 28.

The first cut into the feature, taken on July 1, was finished in the morning. There is still a dense concentration of rocks, tile and pottery fragments located in meter N4W13 towards the west baulk (left undefined because the feature encompasses the entire area of W3-4W13-14.) However, it now seems to represent activity from slope wash. There is a large limestical rock situated on the north baulk of meter N4W13 that extends a little into N4W14 that seems to have served as some sort of barrier blocking all the material thus allowing it to pile up creating a high concentration of material in that area.

Around the middle sections of this locus the soil is very moist and clayish, light and brown

in color. It is consistent with the other loci in the trench that have this soil beneath the topsoil. Towards the outside area of the locus, especially in the western half of meters W3-4W14, galestra appears. No archaeological material found within this soil. This soil type was hit after taking away another cut, approximately 15 cm, into locus 15. Now locus 15 only consists of the northern half of loci N3W13-14.

There was a significantly high concentration of pottery and tile fragments found here along with 1 piece of a crucible, vitrified pottery with traces of bronze on the inside, and a piece of architectural terracotta that may be part of a frieze plaque of the horse race. There is still a lot of carbon flecks present at this level (30-40 cm b.d.)

Pottery:  31 pieces of impasto (9-1 cm), 4 pieces of orangeware (2-3 cm), 1 piece of bucchero (1cm), 39 fragments of coarseware (2-13 cm).

Bone: 12 pieces, some broken and may join.

Plaster: 4 pieces(1-2 cm).

Tile fragments: 55 approximately (16-3 cm).


  • Find #1
  • N3-4W13-14
  • Locus 15
  • 38 cm b.d.
  • Crucible, vitrified pottery with bronze flecks on inside


  • Find #2
  • N3-4W13-14
  • Locus 15
  • 34 cm b.d.
  • Terracotta fragment, possible frieze plaque piece from the horse race

The tile counted in locus 15 for the morning consists of several different flanges types.

It was decided to take locus 15 down to the level of meter N4W12 in locus 4 (35-38 cm b.d.) where the galestra appeared. The closing depths of locus 15 ara as follows: NW=51 cm b.d., SW=50, NE=39, SE=58, middle=50 cm, for the day. Galestra has already shown up on the surface but inside the rock formation the soil is noticeably different. Up until now it looked similar to that of loci 4,6,8,10, 12&14, the light olive brown clayish soil. However, it was munselled today and read to be 2.5y 4/2, which is a dark grayish brown. This is also the area where the high concentration of pottery and tile fragments exists. No archaeological

material is coming out of the galestra soil that surrounds the feature. There is still sort of a semi-circular patterning of rocks present with one unusual large rock, seemingly lying on its side, leaning against the north baulk. This is the rock, against which all the archaeological material, and other rocks lie.

At the end of the p.m. day, there were a total of 9 fragments of coarseware, 12 impasto, 2 orangeware, 4 pieces of bone, and approximately 20 pieces of tile. (6-2 cm).

* ( see p. 165 for supplementary find )

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