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Wednesday 1st July

Wednesday 1 st July.


A pick pass was completed in both the northern and southern halves of T-70. A medium-sized rock was uncovered in the north eastern corner, 60cm to the south, there is also a smller sized rock. North of the large rock which runs across T-69 and T-70, some more medium-sized rocks are appearing; four are visible.

The soil is less compcted, containing fewer roots and plant matter. It is also a lighter brown than the darker rown, clayish topsoil. After roots have been clipped and baulk walls trimmed, a new locus will be declared.


After baulks were trimmed, roots removed and the trench was leveled, Locus 2 was declared. Opening photos and points taken.

Locus 2 opening elevations:

NW Corner: 0.57m BD/ 27.00m AE

NE corner: 0.55m BD/ 27.02m AE

SE corner: 0.61m BD/ 26.96m AE

SW corner: 0.86m BD/ 26.71m AE

Locus 2 coordinates:

NW corner: 88E/37 S

NE corner: 91E/37S

SE corner: 91 E/ 40S

SW corner: 88E/40S

The soil in Locus 2 is light brown in colour and slightly claylike in texture, though it is still loose and breaks easily. Locus 2 encompasses the entirety of Locus 1 , barring one small area within the large rock in the south of T-70. This is a narrow slit in the rock, 5cm wide at its widest point. It is triangular in shape and appears

to be quite deep. In case any artefacts are found within this niche whilst excavating it was decided to declare this Locus 3 and opening photos were taken.

Locus 3 co-ordinates:

NE corner: 89.04E/39.61S

SE corner: 89.06E/39.76S

SW corner: 88.98E/39.85S

Locus 3 opening elevation:

NE corner: 0.69m BD/39.61S

SE corner: 0.71m BD/ 26.86m AE

SW corner: 0.70m BD/ 2.87m AE

Two pick passes were conducted across the northern portion of Locus 2 . Some more pottery and terracotta appeared, though still not a significant amount.

In Locus 3 , soil was removed revealing light brown, yellowish soil which is very claylike in texture.

Locus 2 end of day elevations:

NW corner:0.58m BD/ 26.99m AE

NE corner: 0.57m BD/ 27.00m AE

SE corner: 0.61m BD/ 26.96m AE

SW corner: 0.82m BD/ 26.75m AE

Locus 2 summary of finds

Terracotta: 11 pieces (not covering the whole bottom of the bowl)

Pottery: 5 pieces

Bone: 0 pieces

Locus 3 end of day elevations:

NW corner: 0.69m BD/ 26.88m AE
SE corner: 0.71m BD/ 26.86m AE
SW corner:
0.82m BD/ 26.75m AE

Locus 3 summary of finds:

There were no finds from this locus today

Locus 1 Summary of finds:

Terracotta: 1 piece
Pottery: 0 pieces
Bone: 0 pieces

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