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August 6, 1969


  • Find #1
  • T6E; O2, O3
  • Procession frieze fragment


  • Find #2
  • T6E; N5
  • Procession frieze fragment


  • Find #3
  • T6E; N7
  • Procession frieze fragment


  • Find #4
  • T6E; O11
  • Procession frieze fragment


  • Find #5
  • T6E; N5
  • Procession frieze fragment

T6E (1)

More pieces of procession frieze were excavated in the remaining cut.  The third layer was started in grid N6, moving westwards.


  • Find #1
  • T6E (1); N6
  • Procession frieze fragment

One piece of horserace frieze was found and a few fragments of lateral sima.  The material is still concentrated to the same line in the grid.  2 boxes of tiles were dumped.


Only minutes before he strike of noon, the convex side of a broadly curving terra-cotta object began to emerge along the western edge of T6F, and grid G1.  Superficial investigation to the immediate north and south revealed that similar pieces stretched along this

edge in a continuous line.  In the afternoon one man was set to the task of cleaning the western strip, starting at T6F, H1 and proceeding north.  Above the layer of curved terracotta pieces in H1 was found a fragment of horse race frieze in a state of disintegration.


  • Find #1
  • T6F; H1
  • Horse race frieze fragment

Aside from this piece, the only objects found in conjunction with the cleaning of the convex terracottas were potsherds and bones.  The pottery varied from very coarse, heavy ware to fragments of fine ceramics.

In the course of the afternoon it became evident that the curved objects were lying in the ground broken into two and sometimes three adjacent convex sections.  The average ground area covered east to west by the pieces was 70 cms.  The convex sections were found to be overlapping so that the more northerly section was

always fitted under the northern edge of its counterpart immediately to the south.  Each of these N/S sections measured between 65 and 70 cm in length.  The same circular edges of three of the convex sections appeared to have been finished off.  At some points along the east and west edges of the strip concave members of the same terracotta complex emerged from beneath the convex elements _ _ indicating that the object in question was originally formed of a series of cylindrical members fitted one inside the other proceeding at an incline from north to south.

Work in the rest of T6F proceeded with the object of clarifying the course of the wall foundation excavated in T6E.  Two boxes of tiles were dumped.

T6E (2)


  • Find #1
  • T6E
  • Pantile fragment


  • Find #2
  • T6E
  • Banquet scene frieze plaque


  • Find #3 ( )
  • T6E; D19
  • Procession frieze fragment

T6E (2)

Excavation continued on the 4 metre strip B-I 18-21.  In G20 a fragment of cornice and a piece of banquet frieze were found.  Excavation revealed a tile bed in this area which centred around the area C & D, 19 & 20, and which continued north in column 19 under the higher level of T8.  In the area of greatest concentration (D19&20) 3 fragments of cornice, 4 of banquet frieze, 3 of lateral sia, and 2 of procession frieze were found.


  • Find #13
  • T6E (2)
  • Procession frieze fragment


  • Find #14
  • T6E (2); C19
  • Procession frieze fragment

In C18 a curved piece of terra cotta ( ) was found and in D21 a tile fragment with a semicircular projection on one edge ( )

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