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Tuesday, 25/07/2006


Work began by scraping down various parts of the trench.  In Locus 5 , the northeast corner, north of the block left in to support the signpost, a number of tiles were present and these were defined, while the floor was brought down to the same elevation as the rest of the locus.  This area was excavated using trowels.  While troweling in this area, 2 red slip pottery sherds were uncovered (Find #1).

Locus 6 was also trowelled down, in order to determine if there are any tile and ceramic sherds in this locus.  If any are present, they will be defined using trowels.  In the northwest corner of the trench, some tile and ceramic sherds have been uncovered, but they are at a higher elevation than the rest of the trench.  For now though, they will be left in situ.  While excavating this area, a large terracotta brick was removed and points were taken (Find #3).

The north and south baulk walls were also trimmed in the morning.  This was done using baulk hammers and trowels.


  • Find #2
  • Locus 5
  • 13.26S/1.06E
  • 7cm b.d.
  • Incised rim fragment.  Orange fabric with incision app. 1cm below rim, app. 3cm long.


  • Find #3
  • Locus 6
  • 13.90S/0.94W
  • 29cm a.d.
  • Terracotta brick.  15-20cm long, 10cm thick, 10cm wide.


The floors of both Locus 5 and Locus 6 continued to be scraped down with trowels.  In the northeast corner of Locus 5 , large framgents of tile continued to be defined.  While trowelling in this corner, a piece of bronze was found (Find #4). Locus 6 was also trowelled and any tile and ceramic framgnets were defined.  Tile and ceramic occur in the northwest corner in a fairly high concentration.  However, toward the middle of hte trench, there is almost a complete lack of tile.


  • Find #4
  • Locus 5
  • 12.06S/0.95E
  • 6cm b.d.
  • Bronze droplet.  Coroded, green color, app. 1-2cm in diameter.

Locus 5

  • Tile: 49 pieces
  • Pottery: 13 sherds
  • Bone: 0 pieces

Locus 6

  • Tile: 3 1/2 bowls
  • Pottery: 37 sherds
  • Bone: 21 pieces

Baulk Trim

  • Tile: 1/2 bowl
  • Pottery: 7 sherds
  • Bone: 8 pieces
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