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June 22, 2001


There were four main goals to today's work.  The first, of course, was to continue excavating T21.  The second was to begin clearing the northern baulk wall of T22 West Extension (from \'93), the third to find joins among the terracotta from yesterday's tile spread, and the fourth to clear more land in T27.

For the trench proper, a cut was done in the south half of the trench, bringing the average depth to 150 cm b.d.  After the cut, the soil changed so a new locus was created (yea!).  The soil is yellowish and crumbly with far less disintegrated terracotta and plaster than locus 13 but still retaining amounts of charcoal and bronze.

The top right corner, meter 51S 161E, is still locus 13 currently due to the soil still retaining the overall same characteristics.  During the morning cut, more of the large curving terracotta with braided rim was uncovered (see p. 195 and p. 203 for previous examples).  Also found was a spindle whorl and a piece of well-vitrified pan tile.

After 9:30 break, the master grid coordinates for T22 West Extension (hereafter T22 W ext) were established and are different from the coordinates used in MS I (because of the creation of the master grid).  The coordinates as well as the map are on .

The baulk wall is to be trimmed in order to find the extension of the footing trench across T22 W from the south baulk wall.  Therefore, the area trimmed will only be the two western-most meters where the ditch is projected to occur.  All finds will be recorded in thsi book and any catalogued finds will be recorded in MS I as well as a summary of the work.


No joins were found to match up from the terracotta spread, so all pieces were added to the dump pile.

A cut was continued across the southern half of T21, ending the day with an approximate depth of 150-153 cm b.d. for locus 14 and 157 cm b.d. for the reamining section of locus 13.  The baulk of T22 W was cleaned and trimmed, though considerably more work is needed before a true baulk begins to appear.  The last part of the day was spent clearing T27 and cleaning T21's baulk walls.

Locus 13 produced approx. 1/2 cassetta of terracotta and 1/2 latte box of various potteries, though one courseware (pithos handle and rim) was found, along with 8 fragments of bronze.  Locus 14 produced 1/4 cassetta of terracotta and 1/4 latte of various small, worn pottery.  T22 W ext yielded about adozen pieces of terracotta and 3 pieces of impasto, two being rim fragments.  There were six special finds from T21 and one from T22 W ext.


  • Find #1
  • S53.54 E161.53
  • 143.4 cm b.d.
  • Locus 13
  • Terracotta spindle whorl



  • find #2
  • E161.25, S52.45
  • 150.9cm bd
  • locus 13
  • decorated ridgepole tile


  • Find #3
  • S52.22 E160.70
  • 150.4 cm b.d.
  • Locus 14
  • Worked ivory fragment


  • Find #4
  • approx. S51.5 E161
  • approx. 148 cm b.d.
  • Locus 13
  • Vitrified terracotta



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