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Friday 29 June 1984


tile- 3

pottery- 6

Work continued clearing the column base, covertiles and floor in SU 70.  A large piece of bronze sheet that has a double curveed surface was uncovered in this area.

In Y 72 further excavation uncovered unfired covertiles under the baulk in these meters.  Only two were visible as yet but apparently the one to the south was in much poorer shape with much of its surface gone.  The one to the north retained a good measure of surface.  There appeared to be fired tiles and some plaster on top of these tiles.

Work in OP 76 continued to yield a large amount of tile - one half cassetta of each - over a small area.  Much of this plaster had a flat edge and was reserved separately.  Several lateral sima fragments and an acroterion fragment were discovered in this area.  At about 90cm in the plaster and burn areas a heavy concentration of tile became visible.  Probably this is part of the MN 77-82 tile and rock fill area.  The many tiles above this appear to be "floating" and are being removed.  burn material and burnt pottery and tile appeared in this upper level in pockets.  Several very large plaster chunks were removed in addition to several amorphous terracotta pieces.  Several large pithos fragments were uncovered.

Excavation continued in U 59-61 to bring the cut down to just above floor level.  This is about 60 cm in W and about 1m in R.  As excavation continued north into U increasnig amounts of burn material in the soil and burnt tile and pottery occured, particularly in 59.  There also seemed to be more plaster in this area.  Slag in small pieces was found but not in any great quantity.  There were a few pieces of vitrified tile.  Also several pithos fragments were uncovered.  About half of one cassetta of tile was plaster pieces - several pieces had flat edges.  In U 61 a stump was removed and a sima corner piece was found.  This cut was not completed today.




  • Find #10
  • U 61
  • 60-65 cm
  • unknown terracotta object (2 curved indentations, 2 finished edges)





tile- 2

pottery- 3

Work continued clearing the floor and the tiles in YZ 72.  In general the surface of these tiles comes up easily and is very poorly preserved.

In S-U 59-61 work continued in the area under the stump removed this morning a piece of lateral sima was found.  Moving in to TS 59 and 60 much more plaster and terracotta was found at 70-80cm.  Several boxes of fineware and bucchero were recovered and half a cassetta of pithos fragments.  Some of the pottery was badly burned.  Little of the tile was burned but some occasionally showed signs of vitrification.  Right above where the floor is assumed to be if it continues there was evidence of burning.  Several large pieces of slag were recovered from T 61 and throughout TS 61 there are small pieces of slag scattered.


  • Find #3
  • S 59
  • 75cm
  • bucchero handle (see p. 167 #4 for joining piece)





  • Find #7
  • S 59
  • 70-80 cm
  • Ionic lip fragment


  • Find #8
  • R-S 59-61
  • redware lid fragment
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