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July 23, 2001 Monday

South view

North view

West view

East view


cleaned trench and finished leveling the floor. Photos were taken of the tile spread. Loci 3, 5,6 and 7 were all closed and new loci were established. In establishing the new loci, an erroer was discovered for the opening depths. Therefor, locus 1 has been remeasured and new opening depths alond the bulk wall at metric points have been taken. This new info will be listed with other new loci. Once those loci were closed, loci 8,9and 10 were opened. Locus  8 covers 3/4 of the trench, from meter S88 E195, S88 E198 to meter S91 E195, S91 E198. Locus9 is one meter roughly S88 E198, S88 E198, S89 E199 and S89 E189and extends north to the tile spread. The tiles will not be excavated untill loci 9and 10 have presented a side view of the spread. Afterward, began excavating loci 9and 10. Three  sling stones were uncovered in locus 9. Two weer tracked and the third placed in a bulk slingstone box.


Excavated some on locus 6 (stump). Recovered little material. Continued excavating locus 9 and discovered a continuation of the tile spread out with almost no erosion or wear and tear. The rest of the day was spent defining tile for more photos tomorrow. Locus 10 was excavated and produced only two slingstones. A soil change was reached, so locus 11 was created (p.63). That was slowly excavated and uncovered one latte bax of slingstones befor it was decided to leave the rest in site for the photos as well.


locus 6: 1/16 cassetta of terracotta (very worn), 2 sherds of pottery (1r, 1h)

locus 8: no terracotta, 8 sherds of pottery (3r), one bone fragment

locus 9: handfulls of terracotta fragments (little wear), 4 sherds of pottery (1r, 1b); 1 bone fragment, 6 special finds

locus 10: 2 slingstones approx 47 cm bd

locus 11: 1 latte box of sling stones

Locus 1 (corrected opening depths)

coordinates(m)          depth(cm bd)

1 S88 E199                   5

2 S89 E199                   18.4

3 S90 E199                   22.6

4 S91 E199                   33.3

5 S91 E198                   31.4

6 S91 E197                   24

7 S91 E196.70              17.6 datum point

8 S91 E196                   18.7

9 S91 E195                   15.8

10 S90 E195                 5.4

11 S89 E195                 3.8 above datum

12 S88 E195                 12.0 above datum

13 S88 E196                 16.0 above datum

14 S88 E197                 12.2 above datum

15 S88 E198          0.0

description: topsoil, hummus with intricate but small-sized root system followed by dark soil rich in organic material.

Locus 8

coordinates(m)         depths(cm db)

1 S90.63 E196.03    36.7

2 S90.59 E195.51    36.1

3 S88.51 E195.55    23.4

4 S88.55 E196.24    24.2

5 S89.97 E196.07    45.2

6 S89.78 E197.12    46.5

7 S88.55 E197.89    33.2

8 S89.99 E197.50     44.6

description: White/light grey soil initally, though turns light brown after breaking up. Is also hard when first uncovered, but crumbles easily. Is functionally the same as loci 9 and 10 soil wise, just is not being excavated initially.

Locus 9

coordinates(m)        depths(cm bd)

11 S88.34 E197.68  33.4

2 S88.99 E197.79   43.9

3 S88.89 E197.05   45.5

4 S88.41 E197.04   32.2

locus 10

coordinates(m)         depths(cm bd)

1S90.67 E198.08      53.5

2 S88.99 E197.79    43,9

3 S90.05 E189.12     46.5

4S90.15 E198.18       49.8

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