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Section of the trench.


June 28, 1982


  • Tile: 5
  • Pottery: 2

The brush and grass to the south of the trench was cleaned in preparation for southern expansion of the trench at a later date.

The trench was photographed this morning as was the ivory fragment and surrounding area which is being excavated with dental tools.

A portion of meters Q-P/76 was brought to ~55 cm just above the floor level, and the soil carefully checked for ivory.  This soil is very yellow, contains tile, and appears to incorporate a layer of tile just above the floor level.  The brief excavation of this area was halted to further extend the trench.

The trench was mapped out to include meters M-N-O/77-79 and the topsoil in this area removed.  If the stone column bases continue to the north, one should be found in this area.

After the topsoil was removed (bringing the level of this extension to ~10-15 cm) the first cut was started, bringing the trench level to ~30-35 cm.  This cut was extended over the entire M-O/77-79 area, going to ~40 cm in the NW corner of emter M/77.  The soil of this cut


Trench photos.


was generally light brown, containing some but not a great deal of tile.  Approx. one pottery box of pottery (and bone) was recovered.  Note that "sling stone"-like rocks were encountered and recorded as finds.

A second cut, bringing the trench level to ~ cm was begun in meters O/79-77.  The soil of this cut was a redder-light brown and contained more tile than the previous cut.  Note that a bulk has been left up, incorporating the O-P/77-79 border in order that the trench stratigraphy may be drawn along the O-P/74-82 border.

Work continued with dental tools in meter R/74 around the ivory fragment uncovered just Friday.  A second piece of ivory guilloche, a large piece with a slanted end, was found adjacent the first one, ~10 cm to the north.  The area continued to be excavated with dental tools.








  • Find #9
  • R/74
  • 40 cm
  • Ivory guilloche fragment (excavated w/ dental tools)




Tile: 2 1/2

Pottery: 3

The second cut was continued in O-N/77-79, bringing the trench level to ~50 cm in depth, and then extended into M/77-79.  The soil displayed a great deal of powdery-yellow type plaster material, as well as a higher concentration of pottery.  Large courseware vessel fragments (smaller than a pithos) were also uncovered.

In addition to plaster, carbonized wood bits appear to increase in concentration through this cut.  Note that mixed in with the red-orange to yellow plaster are pottery sherds and carbonized wood.  Small stones were encountered and removed in meter N/78.  Overall, the soil of this cut was red-yellow brown.

The two fragments of ivory being excavated with dental tools in R/74 were removed and recorded as finds with this morning's entries.  The area continued to be excavated with dental tools and the positions of the removed ivory fragments were marked.






  • Find #13
  • O/79
  • 40 cm
  • Large plaster chunk with reed impressions and three smooth surfaces - a finer plaster coated on



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