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Wednesday 13 June 1984


Work was begun clearing fill and sand to floor level in meters RS/74-75 but the floor itlself was too wet and the surface easily damaged. It was discovered that the total covering (sand and fill) here was only about 4-5 cm in depth. Instead, work began cleaning down the tile concentration in aB/59-61. It should be noted that this area had previously been cleaned down for photographing last season then covered for protection until the architect could draw them (see MT book VIII p. 215 , 257 , 296 ). Work also began clearing down the baulks in R/69-71, W-R/62, M-O/77 for sections and stratigraphical analysis. In general both the soil and material excavated remained extremely wet. Work was also begun excavating the robber damage in PQ/74-76.

The Baulk wall in meters W-P/62 showed a few tiles projecting from the wall and a layer of yellowish-red material which colored the soil below them right above the level of the fill floor. The baulk in R/69-71 showed some projecting tiles at the fill floor level in R/69 and R/72 with accompanying plaster-like material. In M-O/77 a plaster layer was distinctly visible with what may be a burn layer underneath including badly burned tile. An akroterion fragment, pithos and tile fragments and plaster were excavated here. The area PQ/74-76 was excavated down to what appears to be a 'rock fill' similar to that in NO/77-82 (see MT book VIII p. 377 , 379 ). Above this there appeared to be a burn layer and above that a plaster layer. Both appeared more in specific areas - i.e. Q/74 and Q/76 - than as a 'blanket' covering. In aB/59-61 there appeared an occasional burn fleck or plaster chunk with minimal tile and pottery recovered.

The walls of the trench were measured and the corners marked with pichetti as accurately as possible.





Finds :

1. akroterion fragment

2. possible burnt wood [modern 7/8/84 A. Collins]

3. seed [modern 7/8/84 A. Collins]

4. possible statue fragment

5. oinos handle

Afternoon :

Work was continued cleaning down the tile concentration in aB/59-61. A few bone fragments were collected. Along the baulk in R/62-65 cleaning showed more tiles in the area they appeared in 1983 (see MT book VIII p. 298 ). They were left as the area was judged too damp to work in. Work continued in M-O/77 and a possible statue fragment and bronze sheet were discovered.

Tile: 1/2

Pottery: 1



Finds :

1. burnt material [modern 7/8/84 A. Collins]

2. tile with finger mark

3. possible statue fragment



4. possible painted pottery

5. bronze sheet (lump)

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