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17 th July 2013


With shade this morning it became apparent that the soil in Locus 3 was of two colours. To the west of the rock feature running north-south the soil is a light brown, flaky in texture and has some decaying limestone. To the east of the linear rock feature is a medium-dark brown. At the south-east a line of stones is running east-west and continues into CA76 and CA77. The two rock features appear to create a right angle (90\xb0). A sketch is present on page 95. Work this morning concentrated on eradicating high points and baulk walling in both the original trench and the extension.

It was decided to declare the different soil colours and north-south linear rock feature all different loci. Therefore, Loci 8 , 9 , and 10 were opened through the trench.

Locus 8 Opening

  1. 39S/63E 26.86m A.E.
  1. 39.18S/63.91E 26.88m A.E.

7. 42.09S/63E 26.74m A.E.

8. 41.72S/63.79E 26.66m A.E.

Locus 9 Opening

  1. 39.18S/63.91E 26.88m A.E.
  2. 39.20S/64.50E 26.83m A.E.
  3. 41.44S/64.54E 26.70m A.E.
  4. 41.65S/65E 26.73m A.E.
  5. 42.47S/65E 26.67m A.E.
  6. 41.79S/63E 26.71m A.E.
  7. 42.09S/63E 26.74m A.E.
  8. 41.72S/63.79E 26.66m A.E.

Locus 10 Opening

  1. 39.20S/64.50E 26.83m A.E.
  1. 39S/66E 26.82m A.E.
  1. 41S/66E 26.86m A.E.

g. 41S/66E 26.74m A.E.

4. 41.65S/65E 26.73m A.E.

3. 41.44S/64.54E 26.70m A.E.

See also page 95 for details

Work began in Locus 8 and 9 . Particular attention was paid to removing soil and high points from the rock feature that us Locus 9 . Locus 8 consists of a light-flaky soil and decaying rock.

Find #1

Locus 9


26.87m A.E.


Find #2

Locus 9


26.86m A.E.


Find #3

Locus 9


26.85m A.E.


Find #4

Locus 9

Vitrified terracotta

26.87m A.E.


Find #5

Locus 9

26.79m A.E.


Ridged Pottery


Work continued in Locus 9 . Small pieces of charcoal were found amidst the stones in Locus 9 . While work progressed in Locus 9 an effort was made in Locus 8 to lower the floor by about 2.4 centimetres.

Find #6


Locus 8

Crucible Fragment

26.88m A.E.


Find #7

Locus 8


26.77m A.E.


Find #8

Locus 9


26.77m A.E.


Afternoon excavation concentrated in the northern meters of Locus 8 and Locus 9 . Fragments of tile and pottery were recovered. Some charcoal fragments were present in Locus 9 .

Closing Totals 17 th July 2013

Baulk tile 1/16 th bowl

Baulk Pottery 8

Locus 3 tile 1/10 th bowl

Locus 3 Pottery 6

Locus 3 Bone 5

Locus 7 Pottery 7

Locus 8 tile 1/10 th bowl

Locus 8 Pottery 24

Locus 8 Bone 3

Locus 9 Tile 1/10 th bowl

Locus 9 Pottery - 16

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