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June 17, 1980


In the Agger Extenstion we complete the cut begun yesterday as farĀ as Z-0 GG. Again we leave the rock pile and stump which bisect much of this cut and which we draw (p. 6). The soil is much less that of burn material, though this is visible in the floor of the cut.

The burn seems, then, to dip toward the north, seeminly to underly the rock pile which appears to end ca. 25cm from the bottom on the east side. The floor reaches a depth of ca. 80-85cm from the surface, mainly because the ground itself rises. The soil is nonetheless yellowish with indications of buring and white matter, as under the rocks of the fall which is exposed in the north. A great deal of tile and a fair amount of plaster emerge.

Among the finds, the fragments of ridgepole tile (#1) and frieze plaque (#3) we begin a deeper cut in DD-EE 0-Z. This soil is heavy burn and yields even more tile and plaster in large and small chunks, some with reed impressions.

Among the tile, a fragment of sima (#9) and a large one of a frieze plaque (#3) shattered by a workman's pick. We continue with hammers. Also, a large piece of ridgepole tile with the stump of a statue base (?) (#12). In DD we begain to follow a tile fall. This level has yielded two bronze nails (#10, 11) in contrast to the slag typical of the cut above.

Pottery is modetate but includes fine greyware and bucchero. Rigepole tiles continues including (information missing). #1 and #'s 14 and 15 were found in the area at a depth of 90cm from the surface, the former ca 55cm from the latter two. Similarly the nails were close together. In R22 we continue the 10cm cut which rises in the extreme east to stay over the burn below.


  • Find #8
  • Ag-X EE Z-0
  • Deeper Cut Burn
  • Carbonized Bean or Seed(?)






  • Find #12
  • AG-X DD-Z
  • Cut 3
  • Large Fragment of Ridge-Pole Tile with Begining of Statue Base Akroterion






We contine work in AG-X and R22.

In AG-X we move souith to expose the tile fall in Quadrents DD 0-Z. The fall is a jumble of fragments, not a true fall reflecting the roof structure, lying 15cm down into the cut, which is otherwise ( number missing )cm deep. This third cut in these quadrents we call cut 3, hense previous cuts 1 and 2. Cut 3 is ca. 25-30cm deep and the tile fall begins at ca. 15-20cm down. It is deeper in CC Z as we encroach upon the ramp and the fall itself grows higher toward the south and east. In the higher south face of the cut we can see again the yellow soil's concentration of white, orange and black, as well as yellow, material increace downward toward the tile fall to form a light burn soil. For a photo of the till fall, see . See also sketch #5 p. 8 .

In rectangle 22 we completed the "10cm" cut in Quadrents C-E 2-3, then dig into the burn soil as it rises in E 2-3. In the bottom of this cut at the southeast corner of the section of E2 within the wall we find in heavy burn soil a concentration of carbonized kernels and other burnt orgainic matter, probably in part decayed kernels appearning only as black spots in the soil. We collect the seeds/nuts (#2) and some other burnt matter (#3). Some kernals are split either axially or transversly revealing an interior cavity.






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