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Progress photo: view of wall from the east.

July 19, 2001

Excavation was resumed in the former T0 extension area that nad been absorbed by T9.  A 1.5x2m square adjacent to the wall had previously been dropped about 10cm through the backfill, which we dropped roughly another 30cm using the pick.  At the bottom of the pass lay two of the "column pad" stones we had been seraching for at 94cm below datum.  Each rests about 40cm from the wall and were 150 cm apart from their center pints.  However, both differed greatly in size.  The westernmost stone measured only 28cm across while the other measured 44cm and its edge retreated into the baulk wall.  The proximity of the stones to the wall is curious as the rest quite close for column stones.  A section may be dropped between them in order to measure thir size better and the search for bedrock will cintinue there.  Two latte boxes of terracotta were recovered as well as 1/5 latte box of pottery.

The second project in T9 is taking place in meters 5.5-7.5N, 216.5-219.5E, an area of T9 that has previously been unexcavated.  The area is being taken down simply because it is a patch on unexcavated soil that rests among a once a very lucrative excavated area.  We are searching for datable material that may be connected with the wall.  It looks promising, for in the first cut a tondo (find #1) was recovered and a cavetto fragment that is part of a lateral sima (find #2).  Also, 20 latte boxes of terracotta and plaster, much of which is red

impressed was recovered.  1 1/2 latte boxes of pottery was also removed from the 2x3 first cut.  Currently we are still in topsoil, disignated Locus 4 in relation ot the other T9 trenches.  Tomorrow, work will continue with picks until the next locus.

Note: to avoid confusion, the area encompassing m 7.5-5.5N, 216.5-219.5E will be referred to as T9(2), the other T9(1).



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