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July 28, 1971

Continuing work on T9 (N-Q 3-7), it was decided to leave excavation around the wall until later when the tree stumps and heavier excavation down to bedrock have been completed-probably tomorrow. Nevertheless, hushing around the section of the wall exposed yesterday indicated that, beginning in grid O adjacent to the flatrock there, the wall decreases in width from ca 80cm to c 55cm. The rocks diminish in rize, and the top of the wall gets lower. A distinct cruve to the wall becomes apparent, and one wonders if it curves around to run approximately N-S-perhaps, as the architect suggests, a terrace wall rather than a building, at least partly because the walls are less wide than those of the main building to the west. Four flat rocks are definitely connected with the wall, especially the

one in grid O which interlocks with the wall, a substantial wall stone lying atop it. Also, the large rocks at O lying on the surface at the norther edge of the trench might be related to the wall, because in a top crevice were several wall plaster fragments and a few small pieces of tile. Some stumps presumbly covering the continuation of the wall and an earth strip linked to part of the wall already excavated remain to be removed.

As far as stratification goes, it is fairly cleasly basically:

ca 50 cm:

c 10cm of dark brown topsoil

c 20cm of shale soil mized with very few rocks and some tiles

c 20cm of hard-packed yellow clay with rocks and tiles

bedrock-small closely packed sharp stones

The yellow clay stratum would not seem to be a pavement since tiles do occur between it and the bedrock.

Finds were minimal: one box of tiles dumped (another tomorrow), the usual scattered, non-joining sherds, one large [?] handle, one plain buccheroid rochetto, and an interesting piece of wall plaster, flat on back and top surfaces and showing wattle imprints on the inside.


  • Find #2
  • T9 O6 50 cm down
  • plaster fragment, flat on top and back, with stick imprints

Further plans for T9 are two:

1. southern extension in order to clear the area M-Q 11-13 to follow a cutting in the bedrock which runs parallel to the wall in grids 3-5. The area is laid out but no digging begun. M-Q 8-10 will remain unexcavated.

2. a trip of rocks in roughly B-C 7-13 is to be lifted in order to see if it is fill and something of interest lies in or below or if it is bedrock. The work here also remains to be started. see plan p .

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