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May 12, 1990


tile - 1/3 cassetta

pottery - 10 frags mined

L-M/66-67, Continuing to clean down roughly on top of rock pack. Have found pottery and very infrequent charcoal and ash directly on rock pack. Settled directly on rocks, a spindle whorl (find #1) at 65 cm bd ~ 33 cm bs.

photos AM - see wntinnation page 18

tile - 1/4 cassetta

pottery - 1\\2 latte

K/M 69 Continunning to take this area down to c. 60 cm bd. In M/69 at approx. 60 cm bd (approx 25-30 cm bs) a spindle whorl (find #2) and a partial bronze arrowhead (find #3). Soil in area is light-brown with yellowish tinti. Frequent nor large. Lots of small roots, some large, coming from tree in K-L/70 and stump in M/68. In K/69

at 58 cm bd a potential sling stone found (find #4) arear closed. Pottery mostly from large stone vessel, impasto. Tile of usualy small worn frags.

K-L(M)/68, 10 cm. top soil cut started. Cut extended to approx 30 cms bs. not finished by 12:00. In K/68  at 13cm a base of impasto (find#5).

L-K/66-67, Attempting to trace rock path north to J. The concentration is not as clean and it appears that the stumps in K-L/67 and J/65 may have disturbed this area too much. In K/67 at approx 30 cms bs a badly broken with pick piece of acroterion recovered, (find #6). Finds in K/66-67 are very minimal. And as noted, rock pack gives out at this depth.

L-K/66-67, Further pieces of cut our acroterion were discovered in L/67 at 20 cms and 30 cms bs (fond #7,8) We notede that in K/66-67 there were no pack at 60 cms and also the soil shifted to a very sterile light-borwn with grey/olive cast. Lots of decompising shale/limestone.

tile - 7/8 cassetta

pottery - 1/2 latte


Second cut taken - to approx ~ 60 cm soil is medium-brown. Lots of small rocks but not appearing in any pattern that can be excavated as a stratum. Cut terminates at ~c. 60. cms There is a stump at L(M)/68-69 which has been cleaned down. Lots of tile came from this cut. Tile is smalliseh pieces. Ptooery mixed but no bucchero.





  • Find 3
  • M/69
  • 25-30 cm bs
  • arowhead bronze

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