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Daily Log July 22, 2011

Daily Log

22 July, 2011

Trench diagram

Today, work will begin by excavating the rock feature as drawn above. While excavating with trowels, a forno fragment as covered (find 1)

Special find 1: forno fragment 20110063


Locus 6

29.97 meters absolute elevation

9.30 meters west / 29.97 meters south


Shortly thereafter, a possible statue fragment was recovered (find 2)

Special find 2: possible statue fragment


Locus 6

29.95 meters absolute elevation

8.79 meters west / 29.39 meters south

While excavating the rock feature, a great deal of large architectural terracottas are being picked up. Much of the terracotta shows little wear.

Also, and increased number of pottery (mostly coarsewear) is being excavated. As the rocks and material are picked up, it appears that the feature is ceding from it's southern extent towards the north. Also, the is a large concentration of large pieces of terracotta next to the western baulk wall in the northern meter of the trench. While excavating a pan tile with a possible sigla was found (find 3):

Special Find 3: possible sigla pan tile

Locus 6 rock feature

Supplementary find

Also, a possible piece of slag was found (find 4)

Special find 4:

Locus 6 rock feature

29.95 meters absolute elevation

9.20 meters west / 30.48 meters south

Currently, the second level of rocks are being defined in preparation for a second set of photos. While defining near. The northern baulk wall, a frieze plaque fragment was unearthed (find 5)

Special find 5: frieze plaque


Locus 6 rock feature

29.92 meters absolute elevation

8.66 meters west / 29.18 meters south

The second level of rocks reveals a greater amount of terracotta throughout the rock featu. The size of the rocks is consistent with the layer above also. They are approximately 5-7 centimes for the small stones and 15-20 centimeters for the large stones. While defining a rounded stone was uncovered (find 6)

special find 6: rounded stone

Locus 6 rock feature

30.08 meters absolute elevation

8.94 meters west / 29.37 meters south

Also, a pan tile with a possible animal bone inclusion was found (find 7)

Special find 7: pan tile with bone inclusion

Locus 6 rock feature



After defining the second layer of rock, photos were taken of the second level of rocks as well as elevations.

NE: 29.98 meters absolute elevation

SE: 29.95 meters absolute elevation

SW: 29.98 meters absolute elevation

NW: 30.01 meters absolute elevation

Center: 29.93 meters absolute elevation

The points taken were of the extent of the rock feature. The NE, SE, and NW points correlate with the corners of the trench, however the south western elevation is approximately 0.89 meters south of the northern baulk wall along the west baulk wall.

While excavating the second level of stone, a piece of vitrified terracotta was excavated (find 8)

special find 8: vitrified terracotta

Locus 6 rock feature

29.95 meters absolute elevation

10.74 meters west / 29.80 meters south

A piece of unusual terracotta was also excavated (find 9)

special find 9: unusual terracotta

Locus 6 rock feature

29.91 meters absolute elevation

10.05 meters west / 29.82 meters south

The amount of terracotts excavated in the second layer is consistent with the amount excavated in layer 1. Layer 1 yielded 3 bowls of terracotta, while layer 2 yielded 4 bowls. The southern extent of the rock feature continues to receed in the north. The width in the western section of the trench is now approximately 82 centimeters

In comparison to the 89 centimeters before layer 2 was excavated, and the approximate 1 meter before level 1 was excavated.

Daily total

Locus 6 : pottery - 29 pieces (1 1/2 boxes)

Terracotta - 7 bowls

Bone - 0

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