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July 18, 2001


We began the morning working in both locus 1 and locus 2. In locus 1, we completed the pickpass in the southern half of the completed bringing the slope in this area level with the elevation of the norther end of the locus. We started another pick pass in the norther halp of the locus 4 in meters 35N, 170E and 35N, 172E, but soon hit bedrock. This bedrock appears to extend over the entirety of locus 1 and 4 so the pass was not extended into the southern half of the locus. In locus 2, we continued to define the tile fall found on the southern side of the rock feature. A large number of tile have been uncovered and many preserve the ancient breaks resulting from their fall. This reaffirms that the locus is previously unexcavated. All tile uncovered today were left in site so the photographer can photograph them in the morning.


Work was not done in locus 1 in the afternoon and the locus will be closed soon. We took a small pickpass on the norther side of the rock feature in locus 2 but found very little. The soil in this area contains a large amount of galestra. When this cut

was cleaned up, we extended the trench 1 meter to the south in hopes of picking up more of the tile fall. The new area was definted as locus 5 and is confined to 30.5N, 170E; 30.5N, 171E; 29.5N, 171E; and 29.5N, 170E. This locus equates with that of locus 2. We continued to define the tile fall in locus 2 and began a pickpass in locus 5 after opening depths were taken. More tiles began to appear in both loci. Both locus 2 and 5 have a large amount of bone and a large portion of this bone is burned. After photos in the morning, the tile concentration will be lifted. In locus 1, we uncovered 1 latte box of pottery and 1.5 latte boxes of terracotta and plaster. Locus 4 produced one-eighth latte box of pottery and bone and half latte box of terracotta and plaster. Locus 2 produced half latte box of pottery and bone and half cassetta of terracotta and plaster. Locus 5 produced a quarter latte box of pottery and bone and one-eighth cassetta of terracotta and plaster.


Coordinates Opening Closing

35N, 170E 125.4cm bd 125.4cm bd

35N, 173E 127.3cm bd 127.3cm bd

32N, 173E 120.7cm bd 120.7cm bd

32.89N, 170E 115.0cm bd 115.0cm bd

center 122.2cm bd 122.2cm bd


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