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Find List for T-18 2001 Season

Object Coordinates Locus Depth bd pg #

Ridged impasto 32.34N, 171.06E 2 67.5cm 15

Incised impasto 32.49N, 170.68E 2 67.5cm 15

Burned bone 32.75N, 171.35E 2 57.2cm 17

Burned bone frag 32.5-32-75N, 170.5-171.5E 2 56-60cm 17 Incised buccheroid 32.34N, 170.46E 2 81.1cm 21 Marked tile 32.33N,170, 46E 2 71.1cm 23

Braided coarseware 34.75N, 172.30E 1 129.0cm 23

Unusual terracotta 33.5N, 171.82E 1 123.4cm 23

Impasto rim frag 33.8N, 172.3E 1 126.0cm 25

Painted corinthian 31.05N, 171.88E 2 85.5cm 25

Worked stone 30.5-31N, 171E 2 85.0cm 25

Incised buccheroid 31.26N, 171.65E 2 81.4cm 25

Worked bone 33.85N, 172.03E 1 110.5cm 33

Ridged terracotta 30.61N, 171.29E 2 75.0cm 33

Fingermarked tile 33.08N, 172.70E 1 105.5cm 33

Buccheroid tondo 30.72N, 171E 6 72.0cm 39

Bowl frag w/ rim 31.03N, 171.38E 6 78.0cm 39

Lettered cover tile 31.07N, 171.44E 6 86.5cm 39

Rim frag w/ groove 31.74N, 170.46E 6 80.0cm 45

Sling stone 30.5N, 170.36E 6 93.2cm 45

Bronze 30.5N, 170.385E 6 81.5cm 49

Incised bucchero 30.74N, 170.71E 6 77.5cm 51

Find List for T-18 2001 Season (cont.)

Rochetto fragment 32.81N, 169.41E 7 77.5cm 51

Ridge pottery 36.68N, 169.64E 7 81.5cm 59

Ring base 32.40N, 169.97E 7 70.4cm 59

Incised ceramic 31.07N, 169.40E 7 71.5cm 59

Ridged coarseware 32.20N, 168.54E 7 73.0cm 61

Ridge pottery 31.59N, 168.80E 7 72.6cm 61

Cooking bell 31.55N, 168.33E 7 65.3cm 61

Corinthian frag 31.38N, 168.77E 7 78.0cm 61

Incised impasto 31.77N, 168.30E 7 79.5cm 63

Incised bucceroid 31.75N, 168.66E 7 80.2cm 63

Creamware frag 31.56N, 168.80E 7 82.5cm 63

Incised bucchero 30.5-31N, 168-170E 7 65-75cm 63

Lettered pantile 31.51N, 168.59E 9 77.9cm 67

Vitrified plaster 31.22N, 169.30E 9 81.5cm 67

Fingermarked pantile 31.22N, 168.77E 9 86.2cm 67

Covertile w/ unusual end 32.72N, 170.83E 6 86.8cm 71

Unusual terracotta 31.20N, 170.50E 6 92.5cm 71

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Kristin L. Hostetler. "KLH IV (2001-08-01):78-81; Find List from Italy/Poggio Civitate/Tesoro/Tesoro 18/2001, ID:459". (2017) In Murlo. Anthony Tuck (Ed.) . Released: 2017-10-04. Open Context. <>

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