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Began 5cm cut, starting on the southern end, and completing across all of locus 2.  Afterward, photographs were taken with the bipod, so the trench was cleaned in preparation.  Another cut was begun on the northern end, but stopped because a soil change was noticed in meter 53S 160E.  Soil examination from the rest of the trench indicated two different soils, so 2 new loci were decided upon.


Locus 2 was closed at the approximate depth of 64 cm b.d. and then divided into locus 4 and locus 5.  Locus 4 extends over 51S160E, 54S160E, 54S160.5E, and 51S160.5E.  It is very flaky galestra intermingled with rocks ranging 10-40cm in diameter.  The following coordinates and depths were taken:

Coordinates(m)               Depth(cm)

1. 51.67S 160.36E          69

2. 52.28S 160.33E          61

3. 53.12S 160.38E          62

4. 53.64S 160.29E          66.5

Locus 5 extends over 51S160.5E, 54S160.5E, 54S161.5E, 53S161.5E, 53S161E, 52S161E, 52S162E, 51S162E.  The soil is crumbly but packed material that is dark brown when first uncovered, but becomes gray after long exposure to the sun.  The following coordinates and depths were taken:

Coordinates(m)               Depth(cm)

1. 53.49S 161.15E          64

2. 53.50S 160.65E          66

3. 52.71S 160.70E          64

4. 52.12S 160.81E          62.5

5. 51.48S 160.92E          64.5

6. 51.52S 161.58E          62.5

Material found today consists of 1/4 cassetta of terracotta, 2/3 latte box of culk pottery from locus 2, approximately 8 pieces of bulk pottery from locus 4, and approximately 30 pieces of bulk pottery from locus 5.  One special find was made from locus 2 as well.


  • Find #1
  • 53.59S 160.70E (m)  Locus 2
  • Depth of 57cm
  • Archaic pottery base.  Join found making a complete profile from the days bulk pottery.

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