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Began the morning with a pick pass over the western sector of Locus 7. Locus 5 remains to be the rock feature in the northern sector of the trench (refer to page 51 for a complete diagram of the trench at this point).

Special Find #1

Medieval pottery

Locus 7

28.09m AE

136.75 E / 34.17 S

Special Find #2

Carbon deposit

Locus 7

28.10m AE

136.94 E / 34.30 S

It was decided this morning to divide the trench up into further loci and define the rock feature of Locus 5 in the northern sector of the trench. Locus 8 will be located immediately south of Locus 7, and has been designated as such because it contains the depressions of the original trench that were left alone until the surface was lowered and became even. Therefore, the soil is not yet consistent with Locus 7.

Locus 9 will include only the rock feature, towards the northern sector of the trench.

Locus 5 will be the sector farthest north and will remain intact for the time being.

Special Find #3

Carbon deposit

Bucket find


Before coordinates were taken for each new loci, the rock feature of Locus 9 was troweled down and defined, so we could have a clear understanding of its basic width and direction.

Opening Coordinates and Elevations:

Locus 7

136 E / 34 S (NW) = 28.14 m AE

136 E / 36 S (SW) = 28.11m AE

139 E / 36 S (SE) = 28.12 m AE

139 E / 34.55 (NE) = 28.27 m AE

Locus 9

136 E / 30 S (NW) = 28.74m AE

136 E / 32.47 S (SW) = 28.13m AE

139 E / 33.73 S (SE) = 28.23m AE

139 E / 32.95 S (NE) = 28.66m AE

Locus 8

136 E / 32.47 S (NW) = 28.13m AE

136 E / 34 S (SE) = 28.14m AE

139 E / 34.5 S (SE) = 27.27m AE

139 E / 33.73 S (NE) 28.23m AE

Locus 5

136 E / 36 S (NW) = 28.81m AE

139 E / 32.95 S (SE) = 28.10m AE

139 E / 30 S (NE) = 28.43m AE


Opening photos of all four loci were taken. Next, a pick pass was carried out across the surface of both loci 7 and 8, as Locus 8 was still slightly higher. The soil in Locus 8 was full of small rocks, roots, and a dark brown top soil.

Material Totals:

Locus 9

¼ bowl of terracotta

6 sherds of pottery

3 pieces of bone

Locus 8

¼ bowl of terracotta

6 sherds of pottery

1 piece of bone

Locus 7

1 bowl of terracotta

25 sherds of pottery

2 pieces of bone

Baulk Wall

9 pieces of terracotta

1 sherd of pottery

While sifting through the dirt in Locus 8, a coarseware rim approximately 9cm x 7cm x 3cm that preserves four score marks, perhaps indicating where an upper rim was originally attached, was found. The rim was added to the baulk pottery for

Locus 8.

Special find #4


Locus 7

28.04m AE

136.65 E / 35.01 S

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