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July 11, 1988


The 60-70 cm. cut started Saturday in F-G 96-97 was completed. Soil here showed numerous flecks of carbon in the brown, clay-like soil, and one box of pottery and bone was recovered, most from the line of deposit, roughly east-west, first noted on Friday (see page 115 ). Less than 1/4 cassetta of tile was collected, as was one pithos rim fragment.

Meters G-H 91-92, in the area of the tile fall, were cleared by hand, revealing more fallen roof tiles at approximately 45-50 cm. These wil be left in place until the extent of the tile fall is known, at which point the will be lifted. Recovered within the plaster throughout this area was an orangeware cylinder, probably a fragment of an orangeware conical foot (findĀ #3).

Clearing of the above area at the end of the morning extended into G93, where fragments of a bucchero plate were found. It is likely that these fragments (find #4) are from the same piece to which the pieces recovered Friday ( p. 117 find #4 and possibly find #3) belong.

Backfill in I-J 94-95 was removed to facilitate lifting of the protective plastic in the area.

To return to F-G 96-97 for a moment: in the northwestern portion of F96, at 65-70 cm, appeared a number of small rocks, all approximately 15-25 cm in length and all at the same level. This formation, while apearing random, wil be left in place until its extent and orientation are known.


A cut was taken in G/95 to a depth of ca. 65-70 cm. in order to help clarify both the extent and nature of the concentration of small rocks uncovered this morning in the northwestern portion of F/96. The soil in the cut was dark brown in color and contained a large amount of small rocks. Beginning at a depth of ca. 60 cm, evidence of burn began to appear in the soil in the form of numerous flecks of carbon and several small pieces of f vitrified tile. A concentration of small

rocks uncovered in the northwest portion of the cut was left in place for further cleaning. It now appears that the rock formation in F/96 terminates at the southern end of that meter. One quarter of a casseta of worn fragmnts of tile and one box of mixed potery of all fabrics were discovered in the cut. In addition, a large amount of bone and two pieces of bronze were also recovered.

A cut was begun in meters I-J/98 to a depth of ca. 55 cm. The soil here was light brown in color and contained a large number of small rocks. A series of large rocks uncovered along the western flank of the cut were left in place for further cleaning. One quarter of a cassetta of worn tile and a few fragments of coarse pottery were discovered. Cleaning of the tile fall with hammer

and mestalina continued in meters G/92-3. Numerous fragments of both pan and cover tile continued to be uncovered throughout these meters. Only a few fragments of tile were enountered along the southern flank of G/92-3 and it appears that the tile fall forms its southern boundary at this point. One quarter of a cassetta of mixed tile and plaster were removed during cleaning. One half a box of coarse pottery was also discoverd.

Removal of the backfill in I-J/93-4 continued. The protective-plastic was almost completely exposed in these meters.

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