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July 18, 2003

All day was devoted to taking down the stump. See page 29 for details of measurement and depths on the stump (locus 5).  We may have to go into the eastern baulk wall to remove the stump and roots, therefore, the trench may be extended a bit further.  As it is there is only a small wall between T 32 and the next trench over (T 22: See ).  If the wall is damaged the dimensions of it are as follows: Drawing

The wall has eroded since 1988 excavation, but runs from 102.5 cm.s to 48 cm.s wide.

By the end of the morning we had the stump removed and cleared most of the dirt underneath.


We spent the afternoon clearing the soil below the stump (locus 5 soil) and trimming the baulk walls on the east end so that the trench is now open and clear on all 6 meters and the walls are even.

Material yield for locus 5 today, 7/18/03:

1  Cassetta terracotta

22  Sherds of pottery

6  Small pieces of bone

1 Special find - Frieze plaque cavetto fragment with preserved nail hole


  • Find #1
  • E169/S58.96
  • 27.66 abs.elev.
  • Frieze plaque fragment with preserved nail hole

Locus 5 Summary:  Open July 14th - July 18th

Opening elevations are as follows:

Closing elevation are as follows:

Material Yield: Locus 5

1.75  Cassetta of terracotta

47 Sherds of pottery

6 pieces of bone

1 Special find - Frieze plaque frag.

Locus 5 constituted the soil and material in and underneath the large stump in the east end of T 32.  As the stump was quite large it extended down into different soil types, which were easily recognizable.  Topsoil, the same as locus 1 and 2 was present, the galestra-like layer of locus 3, then the medium brown layer below, which is locus 4.  The stump did not extend into the next stratigraphic layer, which is the red/pinkish soil that is showing a bit which I described on page 29 , therefore locus 6 will be opened on a relatively flat plain when the time comes.  The one special find of locus 5, the frieze plaque frag, corresponds to the depth and

soil type of locus 3.  Otherwise, the locus was primarily taken up by large tap roots from the stump.

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