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May 26, 1990


pithos - 1/3 cassetta

tile - 1 cassetta

pottery - 1 latte


Contiuned pick and mesti work around tile and pithos fragments. Eastern 35 cm of L(M)/70 is devoid of either tile or pithos. Taken down to 128 cm bd in this AM.

To 118. cm bd  in K/70, few frags in K/69 that were high leveling the square at 113 cm bd and leaving no large concentration visable. L/69 shows some more material at same depth. M/69 was mestied down in spots to cm and reveals solid concentration of pithos in range from 113 cm - 124 cm bd.

tile - 3/4 cassetta

pottery - 1/2 latte

K-L/63-64, 60-70 cm bd

This cut starts and finishes in a light-medium brown soil. Tile was in medium size pieces, fairly well preserved. Many were rather thick, but no sima or statue pieces found. Again most tile appears in meters K-L/64. In meter K/64 at 67 cm bd a worked stone of building-type limestone with rasp marks where it was squared was found. No other unusual finds. Another 1/2 dozen 1/2 head size stones dispersed across 2m2 area.

tile - some frags

pottery - 1/4 latte

L/63-64, 70-85 cm

Cut was very deep much the same as previous - soil same and very clean. Literally no tile and plaster. Some mixed pottery - mostly large impasto - some orange. At approx 85 cm bd there was a soil change preceeded at 83 cm by a rosette of upper building - lying flat in soil - upside down. Soil change was not extensively excavated and only noticed in L/63 before we had to quit for day. Soil change is to a darker brown w/ charcoal (little) plaster and some plaster as well - here a white is not in association with tile.


More mesti work on pitos/tile. M/69 pithos and tile removed - underneath there is a few centimeters of soil before (if) more tile/pithos will show. Mesti work in L/69-70 border showed more tile/pithos. K-L/69-70 border also showed at 120 - 122 cm bd. At 124 cm bd a charcoal/wood patch surrounded by plaster and pottery (photo). Pottery was most abundant in K/69. Tile and pottery recorded with morning cut. (Illustration of trench)








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