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Photos of the tiles.

July 30, 1984


Cassette of tile: 1 (60% plaster)

Boxes of pottery: 1/4

The "Tiles" in gamma/57-58 were cleaned off and photographed. In cleaning off the "floor," it became apparent that another, fifth "tile" might have been part of this line. Only a fragment, which is cracked, remains approximately 50 cm to the west of the last fragment - in grid gamma-delta/56.

In further cleaning the "floor" in gamma-delta/56-58, a dip in the "floor" or trench was uncovered running east to west parallel to the rows of column bases. It measures approximately 23 cm wide and 5 cm deep. The soil filling the eastern end of the trench appeared to be burned.

A topsoil cut was made in zeta-eta/47. The dark, rooty topsoil contained a small amount of tile, some plaster, and a small amount of pottery (coarseware and bucchero). A column base in the middle row was uncovered in zeta/47-48. It appears to be pretty worn and chipped. The "floor"

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appears to continue to the north and west of the base, but it seems to break up on the south side.



  • Find 1
  • Zeta/57
  • ~15 cm
  • Rochetto head (or handle?)

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Cassette of tile: 1 (40% plaster)

Boxes of pottery: 3

The topsoil cut in zeta-eta/48 was continued, bringing T-25 around the southwest corner of T-26. This cut was basically the same as that in zeta-eta/47- dark, rooty soil yielding some very worn tile, and a small amount of pottery and plaster.

Work was done cleaning down and around the stump in delta-epsilon/55. Quite a bit of tile and pottery (mainly coarseware) was in the soil adhering to the roots. Approximately 1.67 m to the west of the last "tile" (in the row of four) in gamma/57 are two more of the same type of "tiles." They are directly in line with the previous "tiles," buit they are partially under the stump.

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