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July 8, 1993


Continued cut from H-I/46 over into H-I/45 with picks, down to an approximate depth of 100 cm.  Soil is medium to dark brown with large pieces of charcoal and some vitrified pottery and tile.  Recovered 1/5 a cassetta of tile and 1& 1/2 latte boxes of bone and pottery (coarseware, orangeware, and some creamware and bucchero).  Also found a few small flakes of bronze, among which was find #2, a large amorphous piece.  In addition, another smooth river stone, possibly a sling stone, was found in H/46.

Baulk cleaning in I/42-43 turned up fewer than 10 small pieces of tile and little pottery.

Continued cut in G/42-43 to about 90 cm.  Soil remained medium brown with large pieces of charcoal near the bottom of the cut, where the reddish burn layer begins.  In these meters we found 1/4 latte box of pottery and bone (1 very large bone included) as well as 1/4 cassetta of tile.  Among the pottery was find #1, a fragment of creamware, possibly a rocchetto-type handle of an oinochoe.





Continued work in meters G/42-43 to a depth of approximately 90 cm where the reddish burn layer begins to appear, as noted this morning.  1/4 latte of pottery and bone was removed, along with a few small fragments of tile.  A fossilized shell (find #5) was found as the baulk in this area was straightened.

In meters H-I/45 this morning's cut was continued with trowels up to the edge of the stone pack in H-I/45-44 in order to examine it in section.  This was taken to a depth of about 100 cm in medium brown soil with large pieces of carbon coming from the lower part of the cut.  About 1/6 of a latte of pottery and bone and a few small fragments of tile were removed.

The baulk at the meter line of G and H running through 48-46 was straightened, producing about 1/8 latte of pottery and almost no tile.

The baulks in H-I/48 and I/48-49 were also straightened, and 1/8 latte of pottery and bone and virtually no tile were removed.  The baulk in H-I/48 produced three finds: a fragment of a rocchetto (#3), a fossilized shell (#4), and a fragment of glass (#6).




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