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Thursday June 16, 2005


The day began with the stringing of the lines of the trench.  Brush and leaf matter were then cleared from the surface of the trench.  A relative datum point was set for use in the large tree at the northeastern corner of the trench.  Then an initial photo of the trench was taken.  Initial elevations of the trench were also taken off the previously mentioned point.

Opening elevations for Locus 1 were as follows:

NW     74.5 cm b.d.*     25.485 m absolute elevation

NE     112 cm b.d.     25.11 m absolute elevation

SW     115 cm b.d.     25.08 m absolute elevation

SE     112.5 cm b.d.     24.758 m absolute elevation

center     112.5 cm b.d.     25.105 m absolute elevation

* b.d. = below datum, meaning below the relative datum point.

Corner points were taken as close as possible to the natural corners, but because of the presence of a great number of trees, the northeast and southwest corners could not be taken right at the corner, only as close as possible.

A ca. ten cm pick pass was taken through the top soil.  The top soil at this point is dark brown and rich in plant matter (decayed) and roots.


Pick passes were continued throughout the trench in order to expose the surface of Locus 2.  Locus 2 first became visible in the center of the trench.  Now it is beginning to be visible throughout the trench.

Work was also begun along the lines to create baulk walls.

The elevation for the relative datum point was established at 26.23 m.

Clearing continued until all the surface of Locus 2 was expose and Locus 1 was closed.  The closing elevations were as follows:

NW     91 cm b.d.     25.32 m absolute elevation

NE     120 cm b.d.     25.03 m absolute elevation

SW     124 cm b.d.     24.99 m absolute elevation

SE     160 cm b.d.     24.63 m absolute elevation

center     112.5 cm b.d.     25.105 m absolute elevation

After elevations, photos were taken.

Work continued with a small pick pass of Locus 2.

Material Yield for June 16:


  • 1 bowl of bulk terracotta
  • 6 pottery sherds


  • Locus 1
    • 5 impasto
    • 1 coarseware
    • [6 total]
    • 1 rim (impasto)
    • 5 body (4 impasto, 1 coarseware)

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