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June 9, 2003


An area that runs directly 6 meters to the south of T28 South was cleared of vegetation and prepared for excavation. This area ran 5 meters, east to west, and also accounted for the 1 meter baulk wall seperating T28 South and ST1.  Existing points along the easter and western edges of T28 South were used to establish a new line and plit two new points one meter directly to the south.  These points were to form the northern edge of ST1.  The other two corners were triangulated off of these two points.  Though accuracy was difficult because of numerous tree stumps throughout the trench the measurement between all four points turned out to be 5 meters.  Elevations were taken in the trench from a datum point established in a stump just east of the square.

The elevation for the datum point is 22.70 meters.  Elevations were taken in all four corners of the square, and every 1 x 1 meter interval enclosed within the boundary of the unit.

It was decided because of the size of the square to concentrate only in one area today.  The northeastern 3 x 3 meter area was chosen because of its proximity to the T28 South tile spread.  For Opening Elevations in Absolute Meters, see .


As excavation commenced, many rocks came up, along with very damaged terracotta pieces.  Because of the amount of rocks and roots in the area, excavation went rather slow in the afternoon, and it was further complicated by rain.  The soil was dark and gray in color, filled with numerous stones, some smaller than 5 cm across, others as large as 15 cm across, matted heavily with roots and organic material.  This topsoil humus layer was designated Locus 1 .  Tiles were dumped east of T28 South in the afternoon.


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