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Began this morning with a 2m x 1m pick pass on the western half of the trench (Locus 12) moving south to north.  Terracotta is coming up in fairly large amounts.  The soil is extremely dense and clay-like with large carbon inclusions.  Locus 13, the possible location of a votive pit, was lightly picked.  The bedrock that has begun to emerge along the eastern sector was troweled and brushed, so as to define the feature.  The soil in this locus is fairly sandy; the west half is much lighter brown than the east.

Performed a pick pass through the entirety of locus 14, in which large amounts of terracotta and pottery were being recovered.  A second pick pass was made across the eastern sector of Locus 12, where large rocks began to be defined and removed.  Refer to page 143 for a complete diagram of SF-4 as it appeared this morning.



This afternoon, the rocks from Locus 12 were starting to be removed and a third complete pick pass was made across the surface.  Soil is being moved at a fairly rapid rate in order to move through what appears to be Archaic fill (refer to trench SF-3) and reveal the Orientalizing surface.

Two complete pick passes were made across Locus 14 in an effort to level the surface with Locus 12.  Large rocks are emerging in eastern half of Locus 14, possibly indicative of bedrock.

In Locus 13, it appears that a large amount of tile is laying flat across the western half, indicative of the Orientalizing surface.  Bedrock lies adjacent to the tile in the east.


This afternoon it was decided to redirect our focus on moving soil in the southern sector of the trench.  It appears that we are still in Archaic fill (refer to SF-3) and this sector of dirt can be moved the fastest.  A complete pick pass was made across the southern meter of the trench in Locus 12.  In Locus 14, the tile fall and bedrock was defined.  It was then decided to concentrate on the bedrock to see how far it extends (through Locus 14) and if it reveals any possible circular feature(s).  These will be our objectives tomorrow morning as well.

Material Totals:

Locus 12

1 bowl terracotta

16 sherds of pottery

7 fragments of bone

Locus 13

1 bowl terracotta

3\4 latte box pottery

1\4 latte box bone

Locus 14

3 bowls terracotta

1 and 1\2 latte boxes of pottery

1\4 latte box of bone

Special Find #1

Unusual Terracotta

27.69m AE

136.52 E / 35.30 S

Locus 12

Special Find #2

Cut Bone

27.83m AE

138.4 E / 31.57 S

Locus 13

Special Find #3

Worked Stone (Travertine)

27.8m AE

138.36 E / 33.64 S

Locus 14

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