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July 11, 1980


We dig Cut 2 in T25 delta-gamma 12-15, reach gamma in 13-14/ The topsoil has thinned into a ligher tan soil, with a good deal of tile and a fair amount of pottery, anlso a small amount of bone. Among the tile several deocrative fragments _ of fima (# 's 2 and 3) of frieze plaque (# 's 1 and 7) and of antefix (#8)- and the nearly intact female head (#4) emerge. Bronze slag and a nail (# 's 5 and 6) also appear.

Moving north we leave a cantral strip in 13-14 for the barrow. In 12-13 we reach the end of betta lamost and the depth is uneven, 10-20cm. In 13-14 we reach gamma and do not follow the gentle slope but dig deeper to create a level floor. In the north the depth is 25cm.

After betta tile begins to decreace and there is little pottery, though bronze is still found; and a piace of glazed, post antique pottery is found in Z 14-15.

In AG-X, FF 0-gamma, we dig with spades to expose a mass of pottery insitu removing sherds unconnected to the larger mass, now lying quite low in the cut. Here we find a large bit of bronze slag as well as numerous sherds, and we take ca 1/2 carton of pottery.












We removed the tile fall in CC-DD 0-Z, examing its position stratigraphically, determining that they lie just atop a dark layer but not in it.

We begin removing this dark earth in DD-CC 0-gamma to a depth of ca. 10-20cm or 55cm from the top of the baulk, but do not finish the cut. This produces terracotta fragment #2 from within the fall (ca. 40cm from the baulk top), which dips and thickens in the east, as well as #1 from atop it (see p. 8 sketch 5). The dark soil below yields no tile and little pottery, but also a lump of bronze.




  • Find #4
  • T25
  • Cut 2 delta-gamma 12-15
  • From mornings tile box
  • Fragment of Pantile with Nail Hole


In cleaning the material collected from the 5 June through the 11 July, we judge the floowing material to be representative of this area and store it in L.R.L. Box #1:

11 possible sling bullets (see p 81 , 83 , 85 , 95 , 101 , 127 , 139 and 153 )                    2 Sherds of Glazed, post antique pottery (see p 33 and 59 )                     Numerous fragments of a composite, slag like material (see p 149 , #4; 163 , #14). 2 chunks of ferrous (?) material. Slag? (see p 141 , 139 ) and other slags (see p 31 , 67 , 85 , 91 , 95 and 153 plus and unlisted fragment from AG-X).

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