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August 19, 1969


  • Find #27
  • T6E
  • Procession frieze fragment


  • Find #28
  • T6E; N7
  • Procession frieze fragment


  • Find #29
  • T6E; N5
  • Procession frieze fragment


  • Find #30
  • T6E
  • Procession frieze fragment


  • Find #31
  • T6E; O8
  • Procession frieze fragment

T6E (1)

Work was continued in the grid F-I 5-6.  This part was taken down to a level where the material seemed to have been affected by fire.  Some of the sherds had a blackish coating.  The dirt was yellow with black grains.  The material was excavated is very close proximity of the S wall and crosswall, though

it cannot be said at this point if it went inside and under the wall.  2 boxes of tiles were dumped .  Some pottery was found, of which the most interesting were several more fragments of the cooking stands (?) described earlier.  The base of one pot appeared to be almost complete with a hole with finished edges in the center.  other pieces showed the body of the vase with at least one hole at either side.

T6F Extension

In order to determine the length of the S wall from the previous trenches T6F was extended 5 meters to the E.  This new extension joins onto grid F-L and has a width (N-S) of

7m.  The very shallow topsoil was taken off.  The second layer made it clear that large stones were in line with the previous S wall.  the ground was very stony.  1 box of tiels was dumped from the first two layers.  2 pieces of cornice were found in the topsoil.

T6E (2)    stratem G

the remaining stones from the northern end of F-I 8-10 were removed and excavation begun in earnest.  Excavation of the total area which lay under the rectangular array of stones ( shown on page 152 ) revealed that the stratification of different colors of earth mentioned above ( p. 175 ) took the form of a nearly perfect circle of black earth (max diam. 1.20 metres, min diam. 1.15 metres) bordered by a ring of red earth circa 2 1/2 centimetres wide running around the edge.  During the day's excavation approx 1 box of mixed pottery and tiles was found.

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