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Daily Log Entry for Tuesday, 7 July 2009



Started to pull back the \x93shelf\x94 that has former in the T-56 from not working the southern half of the trench, which is intersected by a much older trench and is made up of its backfill. For now, we are only excavating back to the point where the E baulk drops off into the former trench, which is exactly 1.5 m from the N edge of the trench. We excavated from the top down. Locus 3 , 4 , & 5 were all declared before work stopped in the southern half of the trench; and all are still visible in the soil. Locus 3 is still black & organic & very loose. Locus 5 is a more yellowish color while Locus 4 is darker. The \x93shelf\x94 was brought down to the level of the floor of the northern half of the trench in 3 pick passes. Two pick passes were made in the northern half of the trench; one in the northernmost ca. .75 m and the other in the rest of the northern half of the trench. It is uncertain, but it possible that the soil is getting lighter in color. What is certain

is that larger pieces of tile are being recovered. Ceramic and bone were also recovered and larger pieces of ceramic are being recovered as well. Picking for both passes was complicated by the appearance of what may be larger fragments of tile. Another pickpass revealed more tiles, in addition to ceramic, some bone, & roots.


Trowelled around some of the larger tiles in order to level the floor of the trench. The soil in the NE quarter of the trench is beginning to feel more clayey and is starting to turn a greenish-olive color. There are also more finds such as terracotta, bone, & ceramic. In preparation for declaring a new locus, we trimmed the baulks. Some small chunks charcoal appeared as the N baulk was trimmed in the NE corner.


NW Corner: 104 cm BD = 27.96 m abs. elev.

NE Corner: 101 cm BD = 27.99 m abs. elev.


Locus 5: Terracotta: ca 15 pcs (1/10 bowl)

Ceramic: 10 pcs (less than 1/10 Latte Box)

Locus 4: Terracotta: \xbd bowl

Ceramic: a little less than \xbd Latte Box

Bone: 6 pcs.

Baulk Trim: Terracotta: ca 30 pcs (1/8 Bowl)

Ceramic: 11 pcs. (1/10 Latte Box)

Bone: 2 pcs.

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