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July 19, 1984


Work was continued cleaning down to the "floor" and around the tiles in epsilon/52-54. Because of the high concentration of plaster in this area, it was not completely brought down to the "Floor." There seems to be a break in the "Floor" on the line between grids 52 and 53. A few fragments of redware were found just above the "floor."

It was decided to begin working to the north into grids delta and gamma. A topsoil cut was made in gamma/54. Some time and plaster was found.

Work was done in zeta/55 and eta/54-55 onceagain looking for the "floor" or column base. A fair amount of pottery (mainly courseware) was found, as well as some tile, plaster, and terracotta clumps. No "floor" or column base was encountered, but the trench is still probably not deep enough.

Casette of tile: 2 (40% plaster)

Boxes of pottery: 1

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Plan of T-25 on July 19.


Cassette of tile: 1 1/2 (40% plaster)

Boxes of pottery: 1

Work was continued in zeta-eta/54-55 looking for the "floor" or column base. "Floor" seems to have been encountered in zeta/55, but a column base has still not been found. There was a very small amount of tile and plaster in this area, and about 3/4 of a box of pottery (50-50, coarseware-redware) was found.

A topsoil cout was made in delta/51-53. The area around the pithos in delta-epsilon/53 was cut out down to just above "floor" level. The pithos, although cracked, is in the round. It is still not certain whether it is resting directly on the "floor," embedded in the "floor," or what. Many pithos fragments were found in the area around it. Inside the pithos is packed plaster.

A topsoil cut was then made in gamma/51-54. There are many tree stumps in these grids. A good amount of tile, plaster, and terracotta

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clumps came out of this area. About 1/4 of a box of pottery (coarseware) was found.



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  • Find 6
  • Gamma-Delta/54
  • Depth unknown
  • Cover tile with inscribed letter Psi
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