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June 20, 2003


A quick survey of remaining rocks and roots was taken this morning before excavation on Locus 2 began ( ).

Excavation of Locus 2 took place in the northwest quadrant and the southeast quadrant, 2.5 by 2.5 m areas.  This was done to maximize accuracy of wheelbarrow finds.  A pickaxe was used for one pass, and when the soil was cleared in each area another shallow pass was taken.  Light grey soil,

compact and flaky, with very little artifacts showing on the surface was visible in some areas.  This soil beneath Locus 2 will be labeled Locus 3 .

Many sling stones were recovered this morning.  All of them were assigned find numbers (finds 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , and 7 ) but a couple of them were wheelbarrow finds.  A strange rocky substance was also found and noted because of its strange morphological characteristics and its texture.  This may be thrown out in the afternoon if after careful observation it turns out to be just stone.


Excavation continued in the northwest and southeast quadrants.  It was decided to try to flatten out the areas rather than define the contours of such a large area today; this will reveal the features better.  Several more sling stones and sling stone pieces were recovered from both areas, but mostly from

the E 197 / S 96 area.  After the southeast quadrant was leveled out, work was begun on the southwest quadrant before the end of the day.  The rocky substance that was found earlier in the morning was discovered to be fossilized shell.  A piece of kiln waster was also recovered. At the end of the day, two pieces of terracotta in the bowl were notable finds.  One had an inscription, and the other was unusually shaped.


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