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T-17 (N-P 2-5)

The pottery encountered within T-17: N-P 2-4 and N-O 5 consists of assorted fragments of coarse ware, bucchero, and Ionic bowls, none of which join to form complete profiles.  The majority of the coarse ware appears intermingled with the stone packing, extending to a depth of c. 0.80 m. from the ground surface (see profile p. 30 )  The burned stratum underlying this contains proportionately more bucchero and all the Ionic bowl fragments.

The lip, handle, and base fragments of coarse ware suggest globular pots with flat or low ring base and short everted or plain vertical lip.  Additionally, portinos of two impasto high conical feet occur.  The fabric varies between a coarse-grained ware fried to dark brownish-black and a fine-grained, thin-walled ware fired orange.  A few fragments of thin-walled grey ware also occur.

Bucchero fragments are generally thin-walled and undecorated.  Lip fragments suggest small chalices and shallow compotes, although no base fragments remain to confirm this.  fragments of a bucchero pesante plate with a thick, raised rim join to form the most nearly complete profile.  A wide ribbon handle decorated with vertical striations is distinctive and should belong to a vessel of much greater dimensions than any of the body fragments remaining.  A very fine small bucchero rocchetto decorated with the so-called "fern leaf" fabric.  Size and stamped decoration are identical to one excavated in Rectangle II last year( J.H. Book I, p.62, #3).

Seven rim and body fragments and a single handle from an Ionic bowl represent the finest-grained pottery occuring within the area.  The surface color is black, the interior a pinkish tan.

Pottery Summary: NT-1 (A-E 2-4)

Very little pottery appeared in the area of the north slope excavated in NT-1.  The greatest concentration of sherds occured in D-E 2-4 mixed with tile and earth directly above the dense rock packing.  Close to ninety percent of the sherds were coarse ware, the remaining ten percent bucchero.  The coarse ware fragments indicated fine-grained impasto low-footed bowls and plates.  Although several bucchero low conical feet were found, no rim fragments remain to suggest the shape of the body.  No complete profiles were joined of any fabric.

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