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Friday, July 22, 2005


X3 was levelled with the pick to just above the rock surface.  It was then swept to this level.  All three extensions appear to contain the same stone-paved surface, without revealing an edge -- perhaps revealing a large, paved area, rather than just a road.  AFter sweeping, all three extensions were photographed and closed.  Closing elevations were:

CD 12 B-X1

NE    223.4E/ 10.9S  112 cm BD  28.49m ae

NW   221.4E/ 10.5S  113 cm BD  28.48m ae

SW   221.9E/ 11.6S  109.5 cm BD  28.515m ae

SE    223.3E/ 11.9S   110 cm BD  28.51m ae

Center   222.5E/ 11.2S   105 cm BD  28.56m ae

CD 12 B-X2

NE    220.6E/ 15.5S  110 cm BD  28.51m ae

NW   218.7E. 15.4S  107 cm BD  28.54m ae

SW   218.5E/ 16.3S  107 cm BD  28.54m ae

SE    220.4E/ 16.5S   112 cm BD  28.49m ae

Center    219.6E/ 15.9S  113 cm BD  28.48m ae

CD 12 B-X3

NE   218.9E/ 13.4S  104 cm BD  28.55m ae

NW  217.9E/ 13.3S   105 cm BD  28.56m ae

SW   217.6E/ 15.2S   104.5 cm BD  28.565m ae

SE    218.7E/ 15.4S   105 cm BD  28.56m ae

Center  218.2E/ 14.3S   105.5 cm BD  28.555m ae

CD 12 will now continue with three extension trenches to the west, towards the east wall of the archaic building.  Using the correct master grid points shot by Ryan Hughes yesterday, the next trench -- CD 12 C -- was triangulated.  It is a one by two meter trench bounded by grid points 213-214 E, 13.5-15.5 S.  It should be noted that these points (for CD 12 C, CD 12 D, and CD 12 E) are correct and unrelated to the faulty points used previously.  The area was raked, strung, and photographed.  Opening elevations were taken from a datum in a tree to the southwest (to be used for all

three new trenches.  Those elevations were:

NE  214 E/ 13.5 S  121 cm BD  27.99, ae

NW  213 E/ 13.5 S  117 cm BD  28.03m ae

SW  213 E/ 15.5 S  123 cm BD   27.97m ae

SE  214 E/ 15.5 S  125 cm BD  27.95m ae

Center  213.5 E/ 14.5 S  123 cm BD  27.97m ae

The absolute elevation of the datum is 29.20 m.

The trench was picked and sorted.  The hard packed rock surface was encountered right away.


The trench was then swept down to this level, roots were cut, and photos taken.  CD 12 C was closed. Locus 1 yielded 5 sherds of pottery and a handful of terra cotta. Closing elevations were:

NE  214 E/ 13.5 S  125 cm BD  27.95m ae

NW  213 E/ 13.5 S  123 cm BD27.97m ae

SW  213 E/ 15.5 S  127 cm BD  27.93m ae

SE  214 E/ 15.5 S  129 cm BD  27.91m ae

Center  213.5 E/ 14.5 S  128.5 cm BD  27.915m ae

Another trench, a two by one meter cut to be called CD 12 D, was triangulated, raked, and strung.  It is bounded by the grid points 210-211 E, 13.5-15.5 S.  Photos were taken.  Opening elevations were:

NE  211 E/ 13.5 S  113.5 cm BD  28.065m ae

NW  210 E/ 13.5 S  111 cm BD  28.09m ae

SW  210 E/ 15.5 S  112 cm BD  28.08m ae

SE  211 E/ 15.5 S  115 cm BD  28.05m ae

Center  210.5 E/ 14.5 S  120.5 cm BD  27.995m ae

A pick pass was completed and sorted.  Another was executed to level out missed spots.  The trench was then swept to the rock pack layer and closed.  Photos were taken.

Elevations were:

NE  211 E/ 13.5 S  118 cm BD  28.02m ae

NW  210 E/ 13.5 S  117.5 cm BD  28.025m ae

SW  210 E/ 15.5 S  122 cm BD  27.98m ae

SE  211 E/ 15.5 S  121 cm BD  27.99m ae

Center  210.5 E/ 14.5 S  122 cm BD  27.98m ae

Locus 1 of CD 12 D yielded 5 pieces of terra cotta and 2 pieces of pottery.

The third trench was cleared, triangulated, and strung.  It is called CD 12 E and is three by one meters.  The decision was made to lengthen it by one meter to the south in order to try again to find an edge to the apparent road surface.  A small ditch there appears promising.  It is bounded by master grid points 207-208 E, 13.5-16.5 S.  Opening elevations were:

NE  207 E/ 13.5 S  105.5 cm BD  28.145m ae

NW  208 E/ 13.5 S  100 cm BD  28.2m ae

SW  208 E/ 16.5 S  111 cm BD  28.09m ae

SE  207 E/ 16.5 S  109 cm BD  28.11m ae

Center  207.5 E/ 15 S  105 cm BD  28.15m ae

Photos were taken and work ended for the weekend.  As CD 12 E was not yet excavated, it has no material yield.

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