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Work in this trench will take place within the archaic wall, subdividing rectangle 14 (originally excavated by Timothy Gantz, TG III p.52 ) and the soil pack directly surrounding it.  This area will be referred to as Feature A, and will be excavated from south to north in three sections down to the floor level of OC3.

Gridding System

The coordinates used refer to the mastergrid system est. in 1991 as described on TT I p.3 .  The gridding system indicated the meter and not the corner of the meter.  Designation is cardinal/numeric (i.e. N1/E1).


All elevations will be measured in absolute terms as "x" cm below datum (b.d.) using a line level, plumb bob, and rule.  The datum is a absolute elevation (A.E.) point 29.49 est. for the trench.


The established procedure is to quantify amounts of pottery and bone is by latte box.  When limited amounts are present, pottery and bone will be counted individually and brought down from the hill in latte boxes.  The amount of terracotta roofing tiles and plaster will be counted by bowl.  Once tile and plaster have been counted, it will be discarded in a tile dump established approximately 10 m south of the trench. Latte box = 1 liter (16cm x 9 cm x 5 cm), bowl = 24cm x 9cm.


All material will be located with a meter designation and an absolute elevation.  Sensitive materials will be located more precisely within the

individual meter by measurments and drawings.


Each locus will indicate a difference in features with respect to previous loci (i.e)different soil types, post holes, rock formations, quantity of material, etc.)

Soil Types

Soil will be described visually while on site and more precisely with a munsell chart.

Special Finds

Any special finds recovered from the trench will have elevations and coordinates taken along with drawings in trenchbooks.

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