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July 18, 1996


Laid out the 2x4 meter trench in meters E140-141, S19-22. Then began a cut throughout the trench using a pick. The soil was much like topsoil due to the thick gras in the area, Locus 1. Several large stones began to appear in meters E140-141, S20 and seem to be aligned with the foundations of the west side od the trench (see plan, p. 3). A great deal od material, over two latte boxes of pottery and bone, and numerous fragments of terracotta, were recovered south of these stones up to the Upper Building Foundations. All pottery and tile quantities for this cut will be recoreded upon its completion this afternoon. A bucchero finial was recovered in this cut (#1).

A datum point for the South Flank area was established on a large tree stump ot E140, S27.4. All depths for the area will be taken from this pont.

Work continued in the E140-143, S28-29 trench leveling yesterday's cut and straighting the sides. Although this trench is 2x4 meters, portions both on the north and south sides are being left unexcavated to preserve sections and/or foundations (see plan p. 3). A plan of the trench and the newly uncovered stones was drawn. Pottery and tile quantities will be recorded in the afternoon whten this work is finished, as well and locus information.


P.M .

Continued this morning's initial cut in the E140, S19 trench, completing it and straighting the baulks. As there will be several small trenches opened in the larger South Flank area, they will generally be refered to by their Northwestern most point. Pottery and bone, 4 latte boxes for the entire cut (36-46cm), was found throught the trench, but the majority of the material recovered south of the stones appearing in meters E140-141, S20. 1/5 oof a cassetta of small tile fragments was also recovered. A piece of incised bucchero was also found (#2).

Work was begun cleaning the western baulk of the excavated portions of R14, inorder to gain a better understanding of the stone formation in this area. A number of stones seem to have eroded out of place along this baulk.

In the E140, S28 trench work was done in the western portions of the trench with  trowels and handpicks. A dark soil with inclusions of carbon and plaster was found through most of meters E140-141, S28-29 , this has been designated locus 2 and seems to be the same soil type which was found in a good portion of yesterday's initial cut.  This produced 1/2 a latte box of pottery and bone, and 3 fragments of tile. A flat portion of bronze (#3) was also recovered. Two roughly flat stones were uncovered in meter E141,S29.

P.M. (cont.)

A more yellow soil beagan appearing along the northwestern part of the trench. This has been designated to Locus 4. It produced 8 fragments of pottery and 3 pieces of bone.

The area in meters E142, S28-29, Locus 3, continued to be a yellow dense grainy soil. It produced 4 fragmetns of pottery.


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