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May 18, 1990

tile - 1/8 cassetta

pottery - 3 frags

K-L/63 & K-L/64, Top soil cut taken to circa 5-10 cm bs Humus layer. K/64 produced to larged pieceds od pan tile (c. 10-15 cms across) and L/64 was very thick with rocks. Western 1/4 od L/64 has edge of larde string that dominates L/65. The rock layer that lies c. 35 bs. in L/M/66. In  L?65-64 this rock layer slowly raises in the soil until it (somewhat) opens at surface level in L/64. (Illustrastion of trench)

tile - 1/2 cassetta

pottery - 2/3 latte

K-L/64, Cut to ~ 50 cm bd very rocky, most in smallish sizes. Occassionally 2x first. Lots of humus layer. In K/64 an Upper Building cavetto fragment at 42 cm bd. (18 cm bs) Near it were several carbonised wood fragments. Also K/64 a pan tile frgament with possible fingerprint at 20 cm bs in similar context.

tile - 1/3 cassetta

pottery - 1/4 latte mixed

M/69-70, Excavation remainder of meter M left from 1989. Cut 90 cm-100cm bd in M/69  we moved into new stratum indicated by soil change from previous (page 56) to dark brown soil containing numerous small particles of tile and plater - evidence of burn with charcoal (infrequent) recovering increases. Small finds of bronze, possible slag, possible ivory and unknown material, all from M/69. M/70 preserves soil type from above stratum and held less worn. Pottery mixed, one bucchero frag and infrequent. Another signifigant change from previous layers is the presence of larger pieces of plaster/ These occur at about 1:3 ratio with tile.

tile - 4 small frags

pottery - 1/2 latte

K/64, This area was producing material and so mestilin were used to clean it down. At approx 45 cm bd a series of impasto frags discovered (and photographed) at center of K/64. At the midpoint of the northern baulk of K/64 another series of impasto frags discovered and these are clearly of one vessel (Not clear of previous group is related).

Soil at this depth shifts out of humus to sub soil of mediu, brown with slight greyish hue. Occasional small rocks mestied out.

Some of the pottery lifted as they were floaters. Others remained in the sith. Large (pan) tile fragment situated at c. 46 cm bd on western baulk of K/64 rouhgly betweeen two concentrations.

tile - 1/4 cassetta

pottery - 1/4 latte

M-N/63, Cut to c.55 cm bd Particularly in M/63 many rocks found in a dense layer analagous to that of K-M/66-. These were removed. Less, but still were rocks in N/63. Tile mostly small and worn. Pottery mixed, no bucchero.



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Ceramic Count (Note) 3 frags, 2/3 latte, 1/4 latte mixed, 1/2 latte, 1/4 latte
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