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Thursday, July 23 rd 2015


Excavation into the floor of the trench was halted for the time being due to the presence of the two floor surfaces, therefore work in the morning began by trimming the baulk walls to the string along the

shared baulk walls to the string along the shared baulk wall between T 79 and 78 and to a 10 cm baulk on all other walls of the trench. All pottery and tile from the baulk wall will be labeled baulk trim and bulk found as usual. Additionally, the floor surfaces will be covered so as not to dry out during the day. While the baulk in the southwest corner was being trimmed, a small bronze fragment with a hook was found.

Special Find #1

Bronze Fragment with Hook

Baulk Trim

~41 S, ~103-104 E

~177 cm BD/ 27.15 m AE

Also, a possible fragment of slag was found in the same area as the bronze fragment.

Special Find #2


~41 S, ~103.2 E

~178 cm BD/ 27.14 m AE

Baulk Trim

While the slope near and from the eastern baulk wall was being trimmed down, a piece of ridged pottery was found.

Special Find #3

Ridged Pottery

Locus 2

38.71 S, 105.54 E

186 cm BD/27.06 m AE

From the same area, another piece of ridged pottery was found in

the same fabric as the first piece. Once T 78 is to the same level as T 79, the baulk wall will be taken out between the two trenches.

Special Find #4

Ridged Pottery (2 pieces)

Locus 2

38.71 S, 105.38 E

189 cm BD/ 27.033 m AE

Also found while leveling the slope from the northeast corner of

the trench was a jawbone with associated teeth attached and

possible cut bone.

Special Find #5

Jaw Bone with Associated Teeth

Locus 2

38.425 S, 104.95 E

190 cm BD/ 27.02 m AE

Special Find #6

Cut Bone

Locus 2

38.45 S, 105.4 E

187 cm BD/ 27.05 m AE

From the baulk wall in the southeast corner, an iron tack was recovered.

Special Find #7

Iron Tack

Baulk Trim

Between 41 S and 40 S, 106 E

161 cm BD/ 27.31 m AE


Work continued trimming back the baulk walls of the trench. Rocks are continuing to appear at the bottom of the baulk wall between T 78 and 79, however this will eventually be removed. Two fragments of ridged pottery were found in the baulk trim near the northeast corner of the trench.

Special Find #8

Ridged Pottery (2 fragments)

Baulk Trim

Between 38 and 39 S, 106 E

162 cm BD/ 27.30 m AE

Additionally, several more rocks were uncovered beneath the slope of the baulk trim bordering T 79 and T 78 . These do appear to be in line with the linear rock feature in T 79 and 77 . Almost all of the baulk walls were able to be trimmed completely, however, the baulk between T 79 and 78 still slopes slightly in the middle. All of the loose soil throughout the trench was picked up and since there was no excavation in the floor of the trench, no end of day elevations were taken.

Daily Counts:

Locus 2:

Tile: 3 fragments

Pottery: 21 pieces

Bone: 3 fragments

Bronze: 0

Baulk Trim:

Tile: 1 \xbd bowls

Pottery: 46 pieces

Bone: 7 fragments

Bronze: 0

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