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July 20, 1982


Tile: 10 Pottery: 6

Excavation began with removing the 10cm of soil above the floor in meters U,V-66, 67 with pick. The floor appeared at ~70cm in U-67 and at ~60cm in V-67. This was done since work yesterday afternoon revealed no evidence of unfired tiles above the floor. Found in this 10cm cut to the floor were two terracotta heads, apparently different in style, and a number of terracotta hair fragments to other heads. One head appeared to be vitrified over the front face./ The two heads were within 20cm of each other.

The soil at ~40cm in U,V,W-65 was taken to ~60cm with pick. This soil was light grey in W-V-65 but became dark red in U-65. Note that the soil just above the floor in U,V - 67,66 was very light with much fine plaster like material mixed through. The next cut brought U,V,W-65 to floor level. The soil just above the floor was light yellow-grey. THe large stone in W/V-65 was defined and was measured to be ~2.80 meters from the stone in U-67, in direct line with

the other column bases. The pottery of this area includes a greater quantity of fine bucchero than in other areas excavated in T26.1982.

The 40cm cut was extended throughout meters M,N,O - 80-82 and the stump in N/O-82 was removed. A new cut to ~50-55cm was begun in O - 80-82 and extended into N - 80-82. The soil of this cut is very dark red, brown-orange and contains large chunks of plaster, as well as small specks of plaster.

In meters U,V,W - 65-67 note that the floor is at ~70-80cm in U-65 and at ~50cm in W-65. U,V,W - 65-67 produced two pottery boxes.

Note that the sand covering the footppringts imbedded in the unfired covertiles in U,V,W - 71-73 was removed in one area and the tiles checked. They remain well preserved. The area was then recovered with sand.



  • Find #1
  • V-66
  • 60 cm
  • Terracotta human head, female
  • Vitrified material


  • Find #2
  • U-66
  • 60 cm
  • Terracotta human head, face covered with vitrified material, hair different from above head



, 19820192
, 19820193
, 19820194
, 19810195 , 19820196
, 19820197
  • Find #9
  • U,V, 67,66,65
  • 60 cm
  • Terracotta hair fragments (12)


  • Find #11
  • W-65
  • 60 cm
  • Terracotta lump
  • Stored in M.T. Book VII; Rep. Pott. Box II. (1982)


  • Find #12
  • U-66
  • 60 cm
  • Covertile with preserced width (four adjoinig fragments)









  • Find #28
  • N,O - 80-82
  • 60 cm
  • Large plaster fragment with three finished edges

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