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20 July 2016

20 July 2016

The morning began with a pickpass in Locus 3 in order to lower an area of ca. 40x30cm in the northeast corner of Locus 3 . A medium amount of tile and pottery was found while dirt was broken up and sorted by hand. The soil is a dense brown clay which is being removed to reveal a brown clay mixed with decaying green and yellow rock of a lesser compaction than the dense clay. In the brown clay a sherd of impasto pottery with irregular walls was found (special find #1).

Special Find #1

Impasto with irregular walls

Locus 3

19.91m west

2.00m south

304.58 ma sl

The trench was begun to be prepared for photos. The pickpass in Locus 3 was troweled and sorted and the entire trench was cleaned. Baulk walls on the north, south, and west were improved. The entire trench was troweled and swept. In the cleaning of Locus 3 between the rocks in the east a

fragment of fineware was found there with three different lines of brown and grey slip (special find #2).

Special find #2

Slipped pottery

Locus 3

304.52 ma sl

21.81m west

2.64m south


The trench was troweled and swept for photos. Locus 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 were opened. Opening photos and elevations were taken. Locus 5 is composed of the linear rock feature previously a part of Locus 2 , as well as the rocks which continue west into Locus 3 . Locus 6 is a brown clay mixed with decaying green and yellow rock which is bound by the linear feature of Locus 5 and the linear feature which runs north to south. Locus 7 is composed of a brown clay and decaying green and yellow rock, similar to that of Locus 6 but west of both linear rock features. Locus 8 is a small locus of brown clay

which is next to decaying green and yellow rock. The soil is similar to that of Locus 3 but was under Locus 4 . While sorting the tile bowl a ceramic handle (supplemental find #1) was found from Locus 3 .

Supplements Find #1

Ceramic handle

Locus 3

Locus 5 opening elevations:

NW 304.57 ma sl : 19.64 west, 2.56 south

NE 304.61 ma sl : 19.60 west, 2.19 south

SE 304.60 ma sl : 19.48 west, 3.10 south

SW 304.56 ma sl : 22.25m west, 3.21m south

Locus 6 opening elevations:

NW: 304.84 ma sl :, 21.35m west, 1.90m south

NE: 304.52 ma sl: 19.83m west, 1.56m south

SE: 304.68 ma sl : 19.63m west, 2.19m south

SW: 304.56 ma sl : 21.35m west, 2.53m south

Locus 7 opening elevations:

A: 304.58 ma sl : 21.43m west; 3.21m south

B: 304.71 ma sl ; 21.73m west; 4.36m south

C: 304.50 ma sl

D: 304.57 ma sl ; 24.57m west; 2.31m south

E: 304.49 ma sl ; 22.38m west; 2.12m south

F: 304.57 ma sl ; 19.48m west; 2.56m south

G: 304.56 ma sl ; 22.25m west; 3.21m south

of trench with Locus 5 and 6

Locus 8 opening elevations

NW 304.66 ma sl ; 22.61m west; 1.63m south

NE 304.66 ma sl ; 19.9m west; 1.05m south

SE 304.52 ma sl ; 19.83m west; 1.56m south

SW 304.64 ma sl ; 22.61m west; 1.89m south

A pickpass was done in Locus 8 in order to investigate the North South linear rock feature. The soil is a dense brown clay included with tile, pottery, and some bone.


An additional pickpass was done in the Northwest corner of Locus 8 , and continuing east. In the pickpass a fragmentary piece of vitrified terracotta (special find #3) was found with 6 associated pieces.

Special find #3

Vitrified terracotta

Locus 8

5 associated fragments

304.53 ma sl

20.63m west

1.46m south

Soil was sorted by hand and troweled. An additional pickpass was done across Locus 8 in an attempt to lower the level of the locus. In the pickpass a fragment of bent metal with a finial head (special find #4) was found in the North east part of Locus 8 .

Special find #4

Fragment of bent metal w/ finial

Locus 8

304.64 ma sl

20.84m west

0.66m south


Elevations were taken and an additional pickpass was done. In the pickpass a fragment of pottery with slipped decoration (special find #5) was found and kept within a clod of clay for fear of damaging it.

Special find #5

Pottery with slipped decoration

Locus 8

304.64 ma sl

20.70m west

1.60m south

Vdm 20165016

Additionally in the northern quadrant of Locus 8 multiple fragments of diagnostic bone was found.

Special find #6

Diagnostic bone

Locus 8

304.68 ma sl

21.06m west

1.38m south

3 associated fragments

Also a fragment of tile with a fingermark (special find #7) was recovered. The soil is a dense brown clay with many inclusions of charcoal and some bone. Once the soul was sorted and the locus was troweled, handpicks and trowels were used to define the rock feature running North South in Locus 3 and in Locus 8 . While defining a piece of slipped pottery (special find #8) was found.

Special find #7

Tile with fingermark

2 associated pieces

Locus 8

304.63 ma sl

20.83m west

1.63m south

Special find #8

Slipped pottery

Locus 3

304.64 ma sl

22.15m west

2.23m south

Closing Totals:

Baulk Wall 6 pcs. pottery, 9 pcs. tile

Locus 2 2 pcs. tile

Locus 3 1 full bowl terracotta

42 pcs. pottery

3 pcs. bone

Locus 4 3 pcs. pottery

Locus 8 1 full bowl terracotta

35 pcs. pottery

8 pcs. bone

Closing Elevations Locus 8 :

NW 304.41 ma sl

NE 304.47 ma sl

SW 304.47 ma sl

SE 304.42 ma sl

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